Gary Barlow joins Twitter live on X Factor and gains almost 300,000 followers

‘The X Factor’ audience might have fallen slightly last night, after it peaked at 13.5 million, as we said goodbye to Jonjo Kerr, Amelia Lily, 2 Shoes and James Michael (goodbye!), but we also said hello to Gary Barlow on Twitter.

He tweeted live on air last night and tens of thousands flocked to follow his account. Less than an hour later he had more than 100,000 fans and by the time you read this he probably has more than 300,000. He had 290,000 at the time of writing.

His launch on Twitter is I am pretty the fastest British Twitter debut we have ever seen. It is also shines a very interesting light on the correlation between TV and social media.

We like to watch and tweet and X Factor is a big one for the tweeters. Barlow is proof positive of that. Those 13.5 million people sitting at home aren’t passive viewers they are active and engaged.

Barlow has a bit of a way to go before he catches Tulisa Contostavlos who has been on Twitter for a good while and has more than 659,000 fans while he has even further to go to catch Kelly Rowland who has 1.5 million followers. So far he is following five people and one of those is Robbie Williams who has around 450,000 followers.

All this and he has still only tweeted four times. His first tweet was massively retweeted.

He has since gone on to publish three more tweets including one in which he delcares his love for @LeighFrancis of bo’selecta, fame.

It isn’t quite what Charlie Sheen achieved after he racked up one million followers in less than 24-hours, but its still very impressive and Barlow has the rest of the day to go yet although I am guessing that one million is probrobably a stretch. What do you think? Where will he get to by tonight?