Spotify gains one million new Facebook users after f8

There was much talk last week about how Spotify potentially risks a backlash as it insists new users must have a Facebook account.

However, a week after that and the other changes comes news that Spotify has gained one million new monthly active Facebook-integrated users since Facebook’s f8 conference.

According to Inside Facebook Spotify has by 1.25m monthly acitive users (MAUs) rising to 4.4 million.

That’s a huge leap and possibly indicative of a vocal few being upset with the changes to Spotify rather than a less vocal majority.

Its AppData tracking service for Facebook apps only records users who grant apps access to their Facebook accounts so says the figures should be “interpreted as representative of recent user count changes rather than as absolute total user counts”.

If these figures are correct Spotify is looking like it will do very well out of Facebook.

As well as insisting that new users to Spotify must have Facebook accounts the music streaming service was one of a number of brands to announce closer integration with Facebook.  Spotify is one of Facebook’s new “social apps” partners that allows Spotify and others to publish user listening activity to Facebook’s new home page Ticker.