Twitter takes the tax route and opens international HQ in Dublin

London might have been the first Twitter office outside of the US and where it has staffed up recently, but Twitter’s international headquarters are to be located in Dublin.

The news came via a tweet (naturally) from Ireland’s Industrial Development Authority as the Irish capital adds to the growing band of digital and media companies that have their headquarters in Ireland because of tax reasons.

Twitter will join Facebook, Yahoo!, AOL, WPP Group, Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, Apple, HP and Google, which are already located there.

The tweet from the IDA Ireland read: “Ireland is trending. Twitter to establish international office in Dublin.”

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton said the announcement was a big win for struggling Ireland, which had its debt cut to junk status in July.

Bruton added: “Twitter is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing companies in the world. Today’s announcement that it is to establish an international office in Ireland is a massive win, and shows there is real ground for Ireland’s claim to be the internet capital of Europe. It also shows that, despite our difficulties, we still have real strengths as an economy, and it is important to acknowledge that.”

A spokeswoman for Twitter said: “The Twitter office in Dublin, our third location outside of the US, is a great next step in the company’s global expansion.”

Companies putting their headquarters in Ireland can save millions in tax. WPP is thought to have saved £50m after moving from the UK.

Ireland’s corporation tax is just 12% compared to 28% in the UK.