Daily Archives: 26 September, 2011

YouTube prepares to launch scheduled TV channels

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is getting ready to launch as many as a dozen TV-like channels with scheduled content to lure viewers away from their TV screens. It is said to have been shopping the ideas around US media firms for several months.

It is said to have cut a range of content deals and is paying “from a few hundred thousand dollars to several million to content creators to create and curate videos for a channel”. Read More »

Twitter takes the tax route and opens international HQ in Dublin

London might have been the first Twitter office outside of the US and where it has staffed up recently, but Twitter’s international headquarters are to be located in Dublin.

The news came via a tweet (naturally) from Ireland’s Industrial Development Authority as the Irish capital adds to the growing band of digital and media companies that have their headquarters in Ireland because of tax reasons. Read More »

How the world uses social media [infographic]

The UK is at the top of this infographic at least in terms of internet use per head of population with 82.5% online compared to the US with 77.3%, Japan with 78.4%, Germany with 79.1% and France with just 68.9%. Clearly in France there is too much else going on to try too hard.

The US and UK have similar usages numbers for Facebook and Twitter (about 70% and 13% respectively). The US, Italy and the UK are the biggest users of Facebook while Twitter is much bigger in Brazil where 31%  use it and Japan where 24% use it. Read More »

How Facebook still dominates social networking [chart]

There are other networks as we all know, but the difference them and Facebook as this comScore chart underscores is huge under scored by the ocean of activity, news stories and blog posts that poured out last week as it launched its new Facebook Timeline at f8.

When you use Twitter it feels like everyone is on it, but then you look at this and the story is very different. As much as 90% of all time spent on social networks is spent on Facebook with the rest filling in what’s left. Read More »

Arrington launches Uncrunched as rival to Techcrunch

Last year Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington sold his tech news business to AOL for around $30m, according to reports. Things went a bit rocky and very early on people were wondering how long he would last at AOL as he threw public punches at the media firm while ostensibly employed by it.

The answer was not much longer as Arrington. Earlier this month AOL parted company as this story details: Barry Diller Skewers AOL For Firing Michael Arrington. That was a Techcrunch story, by the way. It was reported everywhere including the New York Times. Read More »

Google gets ready to launch Google+ for business as estimates say it has 44m users

After a few months of testing Google is getting ready to roll out business user accounts, which have to date only been available to a couple of test accounts, namely Ford and General Motors, as reports suggest it is nearing 50 million accounts.

Last week Google opened Google+ to everyone. Users had previously needed invites to join Google+, but in an effort to speed its growth Google threw open the doors to the beta testing of its social network. Read More »