Top 50 social media campaigns revealed

PR and Social Media agency Umpf has released a ‘Hall of Fame’ showcasing 50 of what the agency feels are some of the top social media campaigns from across the world. Here are the top ten which include Lynx, VW, Corona Light, French Connection, Jimmy Choo and Tippex.

Definitely not the ‘Wurst’ Facebook App – Reinert Privat-Fleischerei

Reinert Privat-Fleischerei, the catchily-named German sausage manufacturer, decided to turn people’s Facebook profile photos into sausage. The company said; “In Germany, everyone knows the happy “Wurst-Face”. It’s the one extra piece of sausage children get for free at the butcher…We developed a generator, which turns the Facebook profile picture into a happy “Wurst-Face“.Wurst Face

Far from being viewed as a load of Baloney, people used the clever app and turned their faces to sausage in seconds, spreading the brand and its campaign virally over Facebook as friends quickly saw the meat-effect take hold.

Blink and you’ll miss yourself – Blink182 and AT&T

To celebrate their first new single in eight years, Blink 182 created a video sourced from fan-made YouTube videos that were made without crediting the band. Called “Blink-182 Film Festival You Didn’t Know You Entered”, it formed part of a new advertising campaign for AT&T. Blink 182 and AT&T scoured YouTube for videos in which the band’s music was used without credit and used the clips to create the ad hoc video for “Up All Night,” (their new single).

The video shows good humour in addressing what is essentially piracy and instead of punishing fans for celebrating Blink 182?s music, they took the amateur footage and used it for their own devices, while simultaneously rewarding die-hard fans.

Turkish Delight for Tweeters – Turkcell Turkcell

Turkcell, a Turkish telecom company, showed innovation in this campaign, using some of the most common Twitter features. The campaign revolved around a series of games that were all run through Twitter, with post-it notes being removed from the outside of a box, at each stage for people to try and win the phone. Users had to try and get a celebrity to Retweet them as the very last clue to win the phone. The campaign generated nearly 60,000 Tweets in just three days of activity. We think that’s a great reception (and we’re not talking about Turkcell’s network).

Rapid-fire Response – Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids

When Newsweek posted an article that outlined ten US cities that were dying, Grand Rapids in Michigan responded with a world record LipDup video featuring 5,000 of its residents. The outraged group of residents, business groups and tourism bosses created the following video, miming to Don McLean’s American Pie, which was produced using $40,000 worth of donations from 29 local sponsors.

Uploaded to YouTube on 26 May 2011, almost 800,000 people viewed the video in just a few days. There were 100,000+ Facebook ‘likes’ and it was the 9th most watched clip on YouTube anywhere in the world on 28 May, coupled with 12,000 YouTube ‘likes’.

A Heavenly Lynx Effect – Lynx

Lynx, the saviour of many a sweaty-pitted youth, rolled out an experiential campaign featuring the Lynx Excite Angels, which used an augmented reality twist that saw people interacting directly with the angels via a digital video billboard.

As passers-by at London Victoria Station walked onto the Lynx “Markers”, the Excite Angels literally fell to earth in the digital billboard above and interacted with the lucky person on said marker. Lynx Angel

This AR stunt featured as part of a social campaign called the “Lynx Excite Fallen Angel” which challenged users to visit Facebook and see if they are the one person on earth that could release an archangel.

VW Test Drive looked good on Paper

Volkswagen in Norway offered what it claimed was the world’s first test drive inside a print ad. The ad, placed in several Norwegian magazines, showed a long stretch of road, with both summer and winter versions. Readers were asked to download an app developed by Mobiento which meant you could ‘drive’ the car by hovering your iPhone over the printed road.

Where this idea really excelled was offering users the chance to test three different features of the vehicle (lane assist, adaptive lights and cruise control). Pretty smart idea and great execution, we think.

Beer-faced Cheek – Corona Light

Corona LightCorona Light launched this campaign, targeted at young adults aged 21 to 29, working on the basis that when consumers ‘liked’ the Corona Light Page on Facebook, their photo would be included on a 150-foot digital billboard display at Times Square.

The billboard ran for a month with images from across the square posted to Facebook so participants can share photographic evidence of themselves in an ad at Times Square – and help spread the Corona Light brand message at the same time.

Within a few days of the campaign going live, 600 people had already taken part, with Corona Light’s Facebook page collecting a lot of Facebook ‘likes’ in the process; all handy for future marketing campaigns.

FCUKing Great YouTique – French Connection

French Connection opened what was arguably the world’s first YouTube store called the YouTique by French Connection last year. Capitalising on the trend around video-based fashion tips, the Youtique uses YouTube’s annotation feature to great effect.

Stylist Louise Roe hands out tips and tricks in a brand channel, before showing you how each outfit looks on a model, along with annotations on each item that take you seamlessly to product pages on the French Connection Online Store. Slick, well-designed but a pain for your bank balance.

Choo’s Treasure Hunt is a Shoe-in – Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo, world-renowned footwear brand, organised a real-time treasure hunt around London via Foursquare, courtesy of Fresh Networks. One pair of Jimmy Choo trainers checked in at various locations and those who followed the campaign, and were lucky enough to arrive at a venue before the trainers left, got to pick up a pair in the style and size of their choosing.Foursquare logo

The sneakers checked in to uber-fashionable locations such as Lounge Lover and the Hummingbird Bakery. A great campaign, considering this was Jimmy Choo’s first foray into social media marketing. A marketing rep for the company said the campaign probably represented “the first time Foursquare has been used to check in an object (rather than a person) at locations.”

Tippex’s Campaign is a Whitewash

The clever people at Tippex devised a brilliant campaign on YouTube that went truly viral. Using a simple annotation function on a recorded video of a bear and a man in the woods, viewers could choose what happened next. With a number of pre-recorded endings and the novelty of being able to ‘change’ a YouTube video, the campaign was an instant hit and to this day, has had more than 17 million views. That’s equivalent to the entire population of The Netherlands (just in case you were wondering).

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