KLM replaces tweets with live replies

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has been one of those airlines that has made great strides in social media and in the past a tweet inspired an in-flight dance party as well as stalking its passengers through social media and buying them gifts.

KLM is also an airline that promises to reply to any tweet within an hour, day or night. For an airline that is exactly as you should be on social media. It’s latest campaign takes that a step further and if you send KLM a tweet during the next ten-or-so hours you get a ‘KLM Live Reply’.
The tweet, which went up yesterday, and is in the words of KLM designed to “show the world KLM’s helpful social media service, we’ve replaced normal Facebook and Twitter typed responses with a living alphabet made up of 140 KLM employees.  This dedicated crew responds to tweets and posts in a unique way, by running around and assembling the answer live before your eyes, within the hour.”

It’s a nice stunt, but more than anything else it draws attention to engagement of KLM when it comes to social media.