Ogilvy’s head of social media Maz Nadjm leaves casting doubt on agency roles

Big surprise departure today with the news that Ogilvy Group head of social media, Maz Nadjm, who most of know better on Twitter @Mazi, is leaving the agency after almost exactly a year to take an in-house PR role.

No clue word on where he is going yet, but the reason behind his departure is very interesting. He says he is off because has been “spread very thin”, which casts light on many of these heads of social media roles that have been created by a variety of agencies in isolation and without enough support.

Nadjm who has been named by many as one of the most influential communications types on Twitter, was at Sky before and has advised others such as Chelsea FC on social media said he found the agency model challenging:

“I wanted to look for a new challenge where I can be a little bit more involved. Agencies with a lot of clients which focus on a head of social media – it’s a great move forward, but I can be spread very thin. I end up where I’m not being used to my best abilities.

“You come across the same thing at lots of agencies. It will take a bit of time with training before agencies have more specialists in this area. The expectation can be a little high for any individual to cover,” he told PR Week,

If you look at what Nadjm was doing, he was working across ten of Ogilvy’s agencies, including Ogilvy PR and Ogilvy One, you get an impression of what he is talking about when he says “spread thin”. That is a lot of agencies to be spread across when you consider the size of Ogilvy’s operations.

Does his departure suggest that many big agency groups with their social media heads are having the same problems?

How much work can one person do in helping to see ideas implemented when they are being pushed and pulled in multiple directions.

Is it perhaps a question of resource and properly investing in social media to tackle the job at hand?

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  • Maurice

    Did he not know that he’d be working with a bunch of Ogilvy clients, or did he naively think he would be working with singular clients at any one time?
    He has let the agency down in a big way and tarnished his own reputation at the same time, imo.

  • mellissaD

    Great Article @gordonmacmillan

    Maurice, I don’t agree with your observation re Nadjm tarnishing his reputation or letting down the agency, in fact I admire his honesty. Support in an organisation is crucial to success, imo.

  • @gordonmacmillan

    Thanks glad you liked it.

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