The PR fail trail – the story of three social media driven disasters [infographic]

Some interesting research has gone into this infographic from Alterian looking at how three infamous social media driven PR crises to understand the effect a crisis has on a brand’s reputation.

It looks at Nestle, United Airlines and Domino’s and the severity of the public’s reaction to the crisis, the time it took for each brand to return to their pre-crisis standing, and if or how the brand’s reaction to the crisis affected public opinion.

According to Alterian in the three instances it “found that the more proactive the brand was in handling the crisis, the more quickly they were able to recover”. That makes perfect sense.

You have to wonder what Nestle was thinking as it offered very little explanation and tried to cover up the issue of its use of a non-eco friendly supplier. It took 50% longer to return to its average pre-crisis sentiment as you can see below.

  • Chris Norton

    Nice I remember all three of these and the United Airlines was a big winner for the band as they sold a lot of albums. Nice infographic though – it would have been nice to see if and how this effected the share price.

  • Gisele Navarro Méndez

    I also remember all three of these cases, great infographic! I will start sharing it right away :)

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  • Martin Thomas

    These were NOT social media disasters but company crises played out in social media. The distinction is important. Many CEOs do not need any more encouragement to regard social media as something that can damage their businesses. So stop celebrating the so called disasters and focus instead on how social media can make a positive contribution to businesses, helping them become stronger, more responsive, more open and more collaborative.

  • Craig Kelly

    Great comment Martin thomas – exactly my thoughts. The title is misleading, it should have been called The Effects of Social Media on PR Disasters.

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