Start-up plans to turn LinkedIn CVs into infographics you as an infographic

If you’re looking for jobs in social media/new media/any visually-oriented type industries, you might be interested in a start up company that transforms CVs into infographics.

Currently in private beta mode, Visualize.Me links up with LinkedIn to turn the information that you’ve carefully provided into an infographic of your career history. Your previous jobs and education are turned into a timeline; your skills a represented in pie-charts or other formations; and if you’ve notched up any recommendations from other LinkedIn users, they’re represented in quote boxes.

Visualize.Me is not the first company to come up with the idea of CV in infographic form, but the idea that all the tedious bits have already been done (as long as your LinkedIn profile is up to date) make it appealing. I’ve not yet received my invite, but I’m excited to try it out, as it looks kind of fun – even if you’re not currently applying for jobs., based in Toronto, is hunting for a marketing intern. Appropriately enough, they request that people don’t send a CV attachment, telling applicants:

I don’t read resume attachments, so please send me something else (online samples, blog posts, reddit posts, linkedin profile…etc..)

How useful will Visualize.Me be? Looks like a great way to present information about yourself to people who prefer to receive information in visual rather than verbal ways. From a job hunter’s point of view, it could briefly give you a great way to stand out (before everyone catches on – presumably at one point CVs were like that too though). It might be less appealing to recruiters who deal with a high volume of CVs and go for facts over creative presentation though.

  • von

    Great idea and I look forward to seeing how it develops. Have to say though, the particular example above is, in my opinion, dreadful – tells the recruiter almost nothing of use and is not even that appealing to look at.

  • JackS

    Yes, it’s definitely a trend! Just have seen another one –

  • Eugene

    Resumup is a different one:, different business model.