Jesus Daily whoops Justin Bieber when it comes to engaged Facebook fans

Jesus Daily: followers love it

Justin Bieber might be king of Twitter but when it comes to engaged Facebook fans, he is pipped to the post by none other than Jesus.

According to the All Facebook blog, the world’s most engaged Facebook page – a measure based on ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and comments – is a page called Jesus Daily.

Jesus Daily has far fewer followers than Justin Bieber – around 7.6 million versus 34 million – but those followers have liked, shared and commented on the page’s content over 2.7 million times. Beliebers have managed a comparatively paltry 1.2 million interactions.

All Facebook’s list shows that religious-based Facebook pages have some of the most engaged fans – in the top 20 is The Bible, Jesus Christ, Dios Es Bueno! (God is Good!) and I’m a Muslim and I’m Proud.

Some other oddities turn up in the list of most engaged fans, including a page devoted to the Turkish army, and one for MTV Roadies, a reality TV show made by MTV India.

Interestingly, MTV Roadies is the closest thing to a brand on the top 20 (assuming you don’t think of Lady Gaga as a brand). So while brands are making great strides in using Facebook for marketing, they’re well off the celebrities and deitiesin engagement stakes.

The Top twenty most engaged Facebook pages

1. Jesus Daily 7,592,072 2,716,671
2. Justin Bieber 33,497,307 1,247,852
3. Mario Teguh 4,461,750 1,135,732
4. The Bible 7,925,037 1,005,003
5. Terima Kasih Ibu 2,696,826 537,581
6. Lady Gaga 41,281,907 480,221
7. Manchester United 17,361,660 477,988
8. Rihanna 41,400,562 420,509
9. Real Madrid C.F. 17,239,489 405,484
10. Werevertumorro 2,372,252 404,639
11. Jesus Christ 2,820,135 396,067
12. Dios Es Bueno! 4,009,142 391,936
13. MTV Roadies 2,446,478 375,994
14. Quedate Otro Ratito 2,687,572 375,866
15. Texas Hold’em Poker 47,362,791 342,582
16. FC Barcelona 18,169,059 330,941
17. I’m a Muslim & I’m Proud 6,035,316 308,521
18. Mehmetcik 2,384,650 302,655
19. We are Khaled Said 1,518,244 297,217
20. Britney Spears 13,031,035 294,823
  • Deon Fialkov

    I don’t understand how you can even compare the 2… JUSTIN BIEBER is not a GOD…so why should he have any where near close to an omnipotent being?

  • Eoghan O’Neill

    “JUSTIN BIEBER is not a GOD”

    I take it you haven’t had many conversations with 14 year old girls recently?

  • will novosedlik

    re: Eoghan O’Neill comment: took the words right out of my mouth.

    I’m sure that if Jesus went on tour his fan base would spike. Sounds like he needs a much better manager than the ones who claim to advocate for him now.

    The numbers say it all. Maybe Justin could be of some assistance here.

  • cec

    Is Lady Gaga NOT a brand….? She is very much so!

  • John Dale

    “JUSTIN BIEBER is not a GOD”
    No, he exists … unfortunately.