Facebook responds to Google+ and highlights benefits for businesses

Facebook Business: step-by-step guide

Just as Google is working on a dedicated business product for Google+, Facebook has revealed a dedicated site for businesses, highlighting all the reasons that they should be on Facebook.

All the elements that businesses might want to use on Facebook can be found from a dedicated URL, facebook.com/business, which takes users step by step through the various services available once you’ve set up a page for a brand or a business.

It also encourages businesses to create Facebook ads – a process which cleverly simplifies what might seem like a daunting process if you’ve never advertised online before. In fact, the Facebook Business step-by-step guide to creating ads seems as simple as taking out an enhanced listing in the Yellow Pages, rather than the complex process of developing a web presence and running an online ad campaign.

While an older video Facebook has made to go with its business promotion doesn’t quite paint a picture of Facebook that is familiar to me (my Facebook friends seem to be more in the habit of sharing pictures of their kids than having engaged conversations about the topics they are passionate about), it does make the very valid argument that it’s smart to be where your customers are, and your customers are probably on Facebook.

At the moment, business and social networking are clearly a hot topic. Google is working as fast as it can to get its Google+ business profiles ready, and Facebook is really pushing its business offering. It might be getting to the point where it’s easier for businesses to have their entire web presence on social networks, rather than creating their own websites. Obviously this depends on the size and nature of the business, but for hundreds of thousands of SMEs worldwide, it’s a pretty cost-effective solution.