Status update: ‘wish you were here’, British holiday makers unable to turn off social networks

Some research from arrives revealing the rise of the social network postcard as half of British holidaymakers admit to logging on while on holiday.

Of those Londoners are the worse. With 53% logging on while on holiday, which explains why I have sand in my Blackberry.

  • Social network obsession: 49% of British holidaymakers admit to checking and updating social networks when on holiday
  • The demise of the postcard: Over two thirds (39%)of Brits no longer send postcards to loved ones
  • Brits affected: Almost a third (27%) of Brits admit to feeling out of the loop when they can’t log on, with a further 15% feeling bored and 1 in 10 (10%) stating that it made them feel anxious and lonely

Despite 50% of Brits checking or updating social networks while on holiday, and confessing it’s a waste of their time, even more at 59% admit to spending two hours or more hours doing so.

The dependence Brits have developed on being able to access social networks at any given time or place is highlighted by the fact that 42% admit to feeling out of the loop and bored if they aren’t able to log on, and a further 1 in 10 (10%) feeling anxious and lonely.

The research also uncovered:

  • Using a mobile phone is the most popular way to access social networks whilst away (58%), followed by a laptop (28%) and utilising the internet facilities at holidaymakers accommodation (14%)
  • Facebook is the most popular social network site for holidaymakers to use whilst abroad (83%) followed by Twitter (10%).
  • Keeping friends and family are kept up-to-date (38%), habit (22%) or to keep in the loop with what’s happening at home (19%) are the main reasons behind Brits logging on while away.
  • Despite holidays being an opportunity to enjoy time away from the daily grind, 13% admit to updating social networks purely out of boredom.

Lonely Londoners

Londoners are the worst for feeling lonely and anxious when they don’t have access to their favourite social network (13%), which could account for why they are one of the worst for logging on whilst they are on holiday (53%). Nearly one in five (14%) admit to spending four hours or more of their precious holiday time either updating or checking their favourite sites.

Social silver surfers

The rise of the social network postcard is not confined to one generation, as over a third (37%) of tech-savvy silver surfers (over 55 years old) confess to checking social networks while on holiday, with Facebook being the most popular (73%).