Google’s What Do You Love highlights its products – and a gaping hole

What Do You Love: Google wants to know

Google has quietly launched a new website called What Do You Love, highlighting the many, many products it offers (and, inadvertently, the ones it doesn’t).

What Do You Love has the familiar clean look of Google’s very first product, the Google search engine.

But typing something in, say like kittens takes you through to a page with all kinds of information about kittens drawn from across Google’s products. So you’ll find information on kittens from Google Books, from Google Trends and YouTube.

It is a summary of all the ways you can use Google products. It is informative. I did not, for example, know that there was such a thing as Google Groups (now that I do know, I’m not sure I’m going to be the one who gets the kitten chat started).

In total, Google offers 20-odd ways for you to indulge your love of kittens, at least in a cyber sense. But look at the left-hand side of the screengrab and you’ll see a big gap, under the ‘sharing’ header.

Those icons are Gmail and Google Buzz (yes, it still exists). And not Facebook or Twitter, the icons we more usually see when a website invites us to ‘share’. Yes, there is a nice big white space for new icons to be added, but when?

You can literally do it for any subject as you an see below.