Daily Archives: 20 June, 2011

Kids flock to social networks, but advertisers stay away

Interesting piece on Ad Age about how kid’s social networks are a booming business in just about every way apart from advertising where there is a reticence to tread.

It says that while some of these niche sites are getting lots of traffic and investment cash they are not getting ad dollars — and in some cases not asking for them. Read More »

British Library to make 250,000 more titles available online in Google Books project

A Natural History of the Hippopotamus: one of first books to be digitized

The British Library collection is about to become even more accessible thanks to a project it is undertaking with Google to digitize 40 million pages from its collection, dating back to 1700.

The plan will see 250,000 out-of-print titles from the British Library collection scanned, digitized and made fully readable and searchable on Google Books and stored in the British Library’s digital archive. Google is covering the costs of the project, which will cover books, pamphlets and periodicals published between 1700 and 1870.

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Vancouver rioters face public backlash as they are outted on Facebook

Those who took part in last week’s riot in Vancouver, after hockey team Vancouver Canucks lost the final game of the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins, are facing a public backlash as they are named and shamed on Facebook.

The angry fans who smashed and looted shops and cars were set ablaze are having their identities revealed on a Facebook group that already has 100,000 fans. Read More »

Facebook display ad revenues to hit $2.2bn making it number one

According to the latest eMarketer research Facebook is set to generate almost $2.2bn in display advertising this year. This whopping figure will see it push past Google and Yahoo! to become the number one site in the US.

Ad Age reports that Google will make $1.15bn in display ads for 2011 and Yahoo! is expected to make $1.62bn. Read More »

Twitter plans to promote itself more to consumers

Rachel Bremmer joins Twiter from Spark PRPR Week has the story of the appointment of Rachel Bremer being appointed as Twitter’s European communications manager.

While that’s all very interesting its the focus on consumers that she hints at that could signal Twitter’s future development plans here in the UK and globally. Read More »