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UK users warned that Twitter will hand over data to courts

The BBC is reporting that Twitter’s new European boss, Tony Wang, has indicated that users who broke the superinjunction to reveal Ryan Giggs’ name could face the English courts – and that if they do it will be on their own.

He said that people who did “bad things” would have to defend themselves. He was referring to a number of high profile users including Boy George, Piers Morgan and Dom Jolly who tweeted the Manchester United player’s name. Read More »

Cameron hit by Twitter trending attack as Obama speaks

Poor David Cameron. Here is getting the PR hit of his life with the state visit of Barack Obama, but that can’t stop a bit of Twitter fun as the President addresses both houses of Parliament.

Labour tweeters have highlighted the fact that Cameron backed Obama’s defeated Republican rival Senator John McCain in the 2008 presidential election and got #cameronbackedmccain trending in London. Read More »

Guardian article calls for tweets to be checked before publication

I’m not sure if it is a joke, but an article on the Guardian’s Comment is Free website (so not by the paper) in response the Ryan Giggs super injunction story makes the ludicrous suggestion that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook should “introduce a delay mechanism so that content can be checked before it goes up”.

Someone should have pointed out that this is not only impractical (although it would create a few thousand jobs), but quite impossible. There is no putting the social media genie back inside the bottle. Read More »

NY Times puts real people behind Twitter feed as “experiment”

If you have followed The New York Times Twitter feed you will know that until now it has been an automated one much like many other publications, but that’s now changed — at least temporarily.

As Poynter reports The New York Times has replaced its main automatic feed this week with two real people, in social media editors Liz Heron and Lexi Mainland, as an experiment. Read More »

Zynga to follow LinkedIn and float with $10bn plus valuation

Social gaming firm Zynga is to file for its initial public offering as early as next week, according to a report on AllThingsD.

The marker of Farmville and Petville will follow LinkedIn whose IPO last week saw the business social networking site valued at more than 500 times its earnings at around $8.5bn. Read More »

Superinjunction story shows brands need to think beyond PR and bring social to whole business

So now we all officially know what we already knew. Whatever one might think about the importance of alleged affairs by alleged footballers with alleged models though, the past few weeks has dramatically demonstrated how the rules of engagement have changed for anyone wishing to fully control the flow of information about themselves.

In short, you can’t. A whole new set of social skills needs to be employed if you don’t want to end up with 75,000 people tweeting about you for all the wrong reasons. Read More »

Clever little language tool Forvo hits 1 million pronunciations

Forvo hits 1m pronunciation markThere’s such a flurry of new applications being released all the time that it takes a lot for something to stop you in your tracks and make you say ‘ooooh, that’s clever.’

That’s what happened when I came across Forvo recently. Its mission is simple; to build up a database of all the words in the world pronounced by native speakers. Read More »

Comms in a crisis – using social media to spread the word

The recent crises affecting Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and the Arab Spring uprisings across the Middle East, have not only made world news headlines but have also been a major benchmark of how we deal with such news in a world driven by ‘now news’ and digital technology.

The difference with these crises compared to those in previous years is the speed and immediacy with which the news has spread, thanks to Twitter, Facebook and other online news outlets.  It’s a sad but undeniable truth that good news travels fast online, but bad news travels faster.  With all these disasters the wider public has embraced and owned social media. Read More »

London Fire Brigade launches UK’s first fire map

If you liked the Metropolitan Police’s crime map launched two years ago you might like this too.

The London Fire Brigade has launched the UK’s first online fire map of the capital allowing you from today to keep track of any fires and other emergencies in London.

Read More »

Do we really want to be friends with brands?

The question is really simple; Do we, as users of social platforms such as Facebook & Twitter, want to be ‘friends’ with brands?

When the big social world kicked off in the early days with Friendster, MySpace & FriendsReunited, the concept was around bringing people together in an online environment where they could interact & engage with their friends/ classmates & even people with similar interests. The focus was always around making a users online experience one which they would be able to share with other people. This led to a number of popular platforms like Bebo, Facebook & LinkedIn who all focused on ways to connect & bring people together in an online community. Read More »