Yes your next CV should definitely be an infographic [infographic]

A little while ago I asked the question will your next CV be an infographic? A lot of you liked that post as it was widely shared. If you haven’t already heard by now the answer is a big fat yes courtesy of Chris Spurlock.

A couple of weeks after I asked that question Spurlock saw his  infographic  resume (below) go viral after appearing on the Huffington Post’s college site, HuffPost College.  The next step? Huffpo hired the journalism gradate to design infographics. Nice job.

The now AOL owned Huffpo has hired Spurlock as infographics editor after his original post racked up thousands of Facebook “Likes” and tweets and got a whole generation of students rethinking their resumes.

Of course, a infographic might not be right for every job application, but if you’re someone who wants to work in the world of digital can it hurt?

All this convined Huffpo traffic & trends editor Craig Kanalley to write a follow-up post: “How to Make Your Resume Stand Out: 5 Tips From Chris Spurlock” and then offer the guy a job. Anyways check out the infographic. Hats of to Mr Spurlock.

Chris Spurlock's guide to creating a infogrpahic CV