Daily Archives: 16 March, 2011

Can crowdsourcing save the NHS? Online groups to mobilise millions

The group that organised Save our Forest campaign, that played a role in reversing the national forestry sell-off, has turned its attention to the NHS.

Tens of thousand of 38 Degrees supporters suggested ideas on Facebook, its blog and Twitter and voted this week for the group to make the NHS its next big campaign priority. Read More »

Who owns your Twitter profile – employer or employee?

Whilst most employment contracts explicitly prohibit employees taking copyrighted assets with them when parting ways with their employer, it is unclear as to whether social media assets like Facebook pages or Twitter profiles are covered by such clauses.

Some companies that have parted company with senior staff have seen their Twitter accounts go with them. That can have serious implications. Read More »

How are small businesses using social media? [infographic]

With more and more companies using social networking sites this infographic puts the spotlight on small businesses and how they are using it.

It points to a whopping 78% of small businesses using Twitter and Facebook with LinkedIn also scoring very highly. Facebook though is still king. Read More »