How much do you know about Facebook Photos? [infographic]

A great infographic giving a a breakdown of the phenomenon that is Facebook photos. A few quick takeouts for you:

  • *There will be 100 billion photos on Facebook by Summer 2011
  • *6 billion photos are uploaded each month
  • *Over 750 million photos were posted on Facebook globally during new years eve weekend
  • *40% more photos are uploaded on the weekend than during the week
  • *The most photos out of any day in the week are uploaded to Facebook on Sunday
  • *Women upload and tag 2X more photos to Facebook than men
  • *Older users upload as much as younger users BUT they tag less

  • Paul David Drabble

    Took all my photos off facebook since the bloody abysmal amateur downgrade they made to the photo system. They should be ashamed of the way it looks and feels but like any other commercially successful business they get to the point where they dont give a stuff about their customers/users

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