Calvin Klein in major digital push to revive CK One brand

CK One video: screen grab

Calvin Klein is pushing its unisex fragrance CK One in a big digital campaign combining a smartphone app, social media, a website, hidden video footage and the chance for members of the public to feature in the campaign.

The digital push is a global effort which launches properly in March but has already started on the website.

The campaign is looking to establish CK One not only as a fragrance brand, but as a fashion one too with underwear and denim.

Kevin Carrigan, global creative director of Calvin Klein Jeans and ck told Vogue that “the ck one collection is not about wearing clothes the way you’ve been told, it’s about making them your own”.

“We put the pieces in there in all sizes, from XXXL to XS; it’s not about the perfect size – it’s a play on proportion and androgyny. Girls were wearing jeans that were baggy and far too big, or wearing oversized shirts as dresses, they made the collection their own. It’s the personalisation of fashion – and the campaign is really just a reportage of them trying the clothes.”

In case you didn’t recognise any of those people dancing around they include Lara Stone ( David Walliams’ Dutch-born model wife) in her underwear along with Alice Dellal, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Abbey Lee Kershaw, boxer Robert Evans and R&B singer Cassie among othres, and  don the new line’s underwear and denim just might make up for it. No Kate Moss this time around.

The smartphone app seems to have some features I’ve not seen before — you can use the app to scan print and poster ads and, well, watch more ads (or as Calvin Klein phrases it,  ‘unlocking more content’). It’s also rated 17+ for “mature/suggestive themes” – crumbs!

The sassy cast are also going to be part of the digital push – the smartphone app promises information about the models, and they will take part in other interactive parts of the campaign.

There is also another teaser ad which has gone up on Vogue’s website.

Calvin Klein has a history of making provocative advertising and doing some imaginative integrated work, but it is being reported that it is Calvin Klein’s biggest digital push to date so expect to see a fair bit of activity around this.

The launch of this bid to revive the CKOne brand comes 16 years after this 1995 iconic ad.

It might need to up its Twitter game a bit Calvin Klein has tweeted for four days. Surely something must have happened?