The top 50 brands in social media league table [Infographic]

Who would have guessed? eBay has pipped Apple in terms of social media engagement, according to the the Social Media Reputation Index developed by Yomego.

The major players in technology are unsurprisingly ranked highest Google (3rd) behind eBay and Apple, and Blackberry and Amazon in fourth and fifth respectively.

According to the survey, based Alterian’s analytics tool SM2, eBay was able to beat Apple and Google on the back of its long standing engagement with customers through a combination of forums, corporate blogging, Twitter and Facebook – it was one of the quickest to adopt Facebook’s Open Graph.

The funny thing is that Apple is maybe one of the least engaging social media firms, but I suppose much engaged with. Is that how they go to number two?

David Eldrige, CEO of Alterian gives his take on that question: “As a brand, Apple doesn’t proactively interact with its customers, so it might come as a surprise to some that they reached the number two position. Apple’s attitude is that their products generate enough consumer chatter that they don’t need to directly engage. Once a new product rumour starts, it builds enough hype through the online buzz that has been created.

“Apple’s fans are responsible for creating thousands of unofficial social media accounts on behalf of the company, and it’s because of this overwhelming enthusiasm for Apple’s products that the company has done so well.”

The first non-tech brand we see come with Gucci in sixth followed by Ford and MTV. Samsung and Yahoo! in tenth complete the top ten.