Bing recruits users in Angry Birds Valentine’s Day update

Are you still playing Angry Birds on your smartphone? I’m somewhat over my addiction (currently Uno is my timewaster of choice) so I’ve only just updated Angry Birds Seasons — now on its Valentine’s Day edition — and seen its tie-up with Bing.

If you don’t play Angry Birds, or if you’re so good at it that you never fail to win, what happens is that this screen appears when you’ve scored zero on a level.

Cheat: with Bing

When you click through, Bing then asks you if you want to make it your default search engine before offering you links where you can see how to complete levels.

Bing: recruiting users

I didn’t take Bing up on the offer to make it my search engine, but I’d love to know how many people are. It seems like quite a nifty way to sign up new users who could possibly stick around for quite some time (I’d no idea my iPhone even had a default search engine so I also have no idea how to change it).

If you were dead into your psychology of brand positioning, you might question the wisdom of making your brand name appear only when someone has failed and is planning to cheat. I still think the idea is really clever though.

The update of Angry Birds Seasons also links in with Facebook so you can send Valentine’s cards to, well, presumably not your actual nearest and dearest but maybe to a friend who likes Angry Birds who you’d like to amuse momentarily.