Will your next CV be an infographic? [infographic]

We’re having a CV theme on The Wall today. If you haven’t already read James Poulter’s piece below do. I thought this was a nice idea too. It makes such a difference and takes an alternate approach to presenting your curriculum vitae or resume.

There are still words here, but it is much lighter on words than a text CV. Here the words are there to support the graphics. Does it work? Does it still convey all the information that a recruiter might want?

  • http://www.AndrewCarrier.com Andrew Carrier

    Nice idea.

    But it’s not clear from your post how these are produced. Is there a website that can build these based on data you enter or are they pieces of bespoke design?

  • http://visualoop.tumblr.com/ TSSVeloso

    It’s always great to see infographics being used to illustrate all aspects of our life – including career.

    As a suggestion, I invite all of you to visit the special section for Infographic CVs that we have on Visual Loop, with lots of examples for inspiration: http://visualoop.tumblr.com/tagged/CV

    Keep up the great work!



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  • Tho

    Not sure who did it first, but this example is certainly my recommendation


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  • http://sketchee.com Sketchee

    I recently redid my resume as an infographic, see it here: http://sketchee.com/about It certainly makes sense for a graphic designer like myself to display my career as a design. Use your cover letter to target the job even further.

    @Andrew Carter I would suggest hiring a graphic designer who is familiar with infographics and editorial design to create one based on your career highlights.

  • http://makethemclick.com.au Mark

    What a mess, looks like a leftover plate of spaghetti.

    If I got one of these it would go straight in the bin.

    People are applying for jobs, not art contests.

  • http://infographic-police.blogspot.com/ Visual Chief from the Infographic Police

    Cool idea, execution not so, like the sweet spot. Maybe if these followed a standardized template so you could fill a form and once you’ve typed in your data, SHAZZAMM, one slick ultra communicative CV, that’s be cool for someone like monster?

  • Dougie

    Nice idea but no banana. I wouldn’t take time to try and decipher this.

  • http://cv.duncanmckean.com/ Duncan

    Mine’s better. x

  • Guio

    Creative and surprising, but I don’t think human resources will appreciate it! Although it can be a success if arrives to the right hands.

  • http://conexaosocioambiental.blogspot.com/ Carla Stoicov

    If you use linkedin, try it
    It’s easy and fast!

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  • http://www.recruitmentzone.com David Reid

    I am a director of one of the UK’s top Rec Agencies – Very interesting article

  • http://www.chotrul.com/ Chotrul SEO

    I must admit I can see pros and cons to this. I’d certainly agree with the comment above that changing the expected format of a CV might have a negative impact on prospective employers or agencies, especially if they find it hard to decipher.

  • http://www.memaps.net MeMaps

    Nice article. To answer your question ‘Does it still convey all the information that a recruiter might want?’, how about if only the cover letter is turned into an infographic with targeted information, and the traditional resume left as it were? That way you get the best of both worlds. In fact, that’s our line of business.

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  • http://www.youmightlikethis.com Tom Hyde

    Looks like a year later people are still making infographic CVs… well I am at least.

    See mine here: http://youmightlikethis.com/cv/

    What do you think?

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  • http://www.eyeskyward.com John Laity

    I did my CV as a partial infographic and marketing piece last year. End employers loved it, but agencies loathed it (well to be more accurate 50% of them hated it).

    In the end I caved and now use a boring old word CV…Yawn…

  • @gordonmacmillan

    That’s a real shame on the agency front you think they would appreciate some innovation – maybe supply both just to show them what you can do.

  • Anna

    This is not an infographic. This is some information and some graphics. People get this wrong all the time. An infographic should utilise the medium of graphic to better represent the data not just have some added cartoons. Frankly it makes her look stupid that she can’t use the medium properly and she should stick to text.

  • Anna

    interesting but I don’t think it would be of use to all the careers aspirations….like marketing- what are your thoughts?

  • Visual resume

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