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How to get a year’s worth of social media traffic in a week

Leo Burnett’s David on Demand stunt for last year’s Cannes International Advertising Festival is estimated to have generated a year’s worth of social media traffic in a week, according to Chicagobusiness.com.

David on Demand: fans followed his exploits on Facebook and Twitter

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Rugby and the future of advertising

Happy new year everyone!

Just got around to reading an fabulous article by Danielle Sacks from FastCompany.com on the Future of Advertising.

Essentially pivoting from the guys from Hyper Island who have exported their digital training courses from Sweden to New York, the piece asks questions about how seasoned marketers and ad folk might be getting left behind as digital advertising and social media becomes more complex and accountable.

It wonders how agencies will cope with the shift from the traditional Madison Avenue mentality of old, to a vibrant melting pot of new talent, start-ups and smaller “pods” of creativity and ad execution.

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Internet overtakes TV as main news source for young people in the US

Pew researchResearch conducted by the Pew Research Center for People & The Press has shown that in 2010, for the first time, the internet has surpassed television as the main source of national and international news for 16 to 29-year-old American people. A positive sign for newspaper owners toying with the idea of putting their online content behind a paywall. Read More »

LinkedIn plans to go public in 2011

Huge news if true and with rumours about Facebook and Zynga possibly going public this year 2011 or in 2012 it could be the year of social media IPO’s. Reuters is quoting sources saying that professional social network LinkedIn plans to go public in 2011.

The story says LinkedIn has appointed Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and JPMorgan as financial underwriters, according to multiple sources.

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Idiot with a Tripod – an Oscar for a YouTube video?

As a testament to possibly how far YouTube and its users have come the Chicago Sun-Times and TV movie critic Roger Ebert, aka “the most powerful pundit in America”, has called for a short film uploaded onto YouTube, called ‘Idiot with a Tripod’, and now shared around the world, to be nominated for an Oscar.

It was shot by amateur filmmaker, Jamie Stuart, during New York’s recent snowstorms and Ebert says it should be nominated for the Academy Award for best live-action short subject. Read More »

Facebook vs Twitter [Infographic]

A quality infographic giving a breakdown of how Facebook and Twitter did in 2010. Basically Twitter tends to be a little older, a little richer and better educated.

Although interesting to see Facebook has 70% of its users outside of the US. That’s an incredible transformation and points to its continued further growth. Read More »

A New Corporate Journalism – the continuous conversation

Now that the brand exists everywhere its time to look for a new way of communicating with your consumers. Right now a conversation is happening. While your website is communicating a message to your customer in one space another discussion is happening elsewhere.

This conversation is continuous, twenty-four hours a day. And it is not just a verbal discourse. It is a multimedia debate happening across continents, with opinions about your company voiced through videos, through viral media and in live forums. Read More »