Why LinkedIn is the social network Facebook will never kill

While there is much talk of late of Facebook killers (Google Me) there is an interesting piece in Ad Age about how of all the social networks  out there LinkedIn is one of those that faces (for now) the least threat from Facebook and is unlikely to be turned into a Friendster, MySpace or Orkut also ran any time soon.

Part of the reason why LinkedIn will prosper as Facebook cruises towards its billion user mark is because its raison d’être, of career focused networking, is the anti-thesis of what Mark Zuckerberg’s site represents.

Earlier this year LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said at Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, that Facebook was about kegs and keg stands so does that follow that LinkedIn is about the water cooler and the water cooler huddle?

No matter how successful and monopolistic Facebook gets, no matter how many awesome features Mark Zuckerberg announces in Palo Alto or how many ex-presidents he interviews, none of it appears to be slowing down LinkedIn, the social network that doesn’t want to be known as a social network — the one that’s about having, getting and keeping a job.

In fact, every second that ticks by, LinkedIn gets a new user. So by the time you finish reading this sentence, two or three new people have signed up for the “professional network” — most likely in Brazil, where LinkedIn is growing fastest and where it just launched a Portuguese version. Since 2003, LinkedIn membership is up to 85 million, meaning that Facebook seems less and less likely to turn LinkedIn into Friendster, MySpace or Orkut. In fact, LinkedIn has nearly doubled its employee count, going from 500 in January to 900 by the end of this year.

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