Digital to kill UK and US newspapers before 2020 [Infographic]

Australian futurist Ross Dawson has come up with these sobering graphics predicting the global extinction of newspapers in the coming decade. He is predicting the extinction of newspapers in the US around 2017 and in the UK by 2019.

Iceland’s papers will also go in 2019 with Canada and Norway in 2020. On a global level some of the factors leading to the (much written of) death of print include the rise in terms of availability of mobile phones, tablet computers and e-readers; the development of high performance digital paper; and the uptake of paid content and paywalls.

It feels like an incredibly short time frame and I’m not sure I believe that within nine years newspapers will disappear from the UK. They are likely to be diminished, but not gone. Its the same for the US.

If it does prove true and you still want a daily read, fear not, you can always head to some more distant parts of the globe. Dawson says that in Argentina and Mongolia papers should survive until 2040.

Not all the factors are about technology. Some he lists refer to economics. Papers will go bust, but it is technology that is the driving force behind their (total) demise.

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