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Will Jumo change the world (and rid us of chuggers at the same time)?

No doubt many of you read Malcolm Gladwell’s New Yorker essay about social revolution and social networks, in which he argued that Twitter and Facebook were useful for causes where you didn’t ask too much of people — for example, requiring them to share some information, rather than put themselves at physical risk or make a financial sacrifice.

Jumo: change the world

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Virgin’s iPad magazine ‘Project’ hits Apple app store – “Shockingly Good”

Virgin’s iPad only magazine has gone on sale on the Apple app store today featuring a mix of international culture, entertainment, design, business and travel.

The debut issue has Jeff Bridges on the cover, ahead of the launch of the reboot of the movie ‘Tron’, and features on Jaguar’s 205 MPH Hypercar as well as a 3D tour of Tokyo. Read More »

Facebook killer Google Me is delayed until 2011

It is being reported that Go0gle’s planned social networking initiative Google Me is to be delayed until the Spring of next year.

It had been expected that Google Me would have been unveiled before the end of the year and in September Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that its much talked of social networking plans would be unveiled in the autumn. Read More »

Blurring the lines between social media and PR

No one can own social media

Over the last few years I’ve seen endless debates about who should ‘own’ social media – a bizarre concept to me.  How can you own something that affects every element of an organisation? What is needed is someone to oversee its use, strategically, holistically and cohesively. And that ‘someone’ is often the person in charge of PR – the eyes and ears of an organisation. Read More »

Tweeting the news – chief Dan Farber on the future of news [Video]

Brian Solis talks with Dan Farber, the editor-in-Chief of, in the latest in the (R)evolution video interview series on the trends, and ideas defining the future of business, marketing, and media. Read More »

NASA wins the digital IQ race – how public bodies triumph at social media

What do NASA, The White House and Peta have in common? They, along with the US Army and the Democrat Party, have all been dubbed geniuses when it comes to managing their digital assets.

While you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work in digital it clearly helps as NASA topped the poll due to its experimentation with technology including geo-location and 3D animation. The White House came second, and was cited for its hosting of presidential addresses on YouTube, as well as open-sourced contests to balance the budget. And Peta was recognised in third place because of its ‘best-in-class social media platforms that galvanise online action and set the bar for virtual advocacy’. Read More »

Google buys Groupon for $2.5bn, according to a report

It isn’t confirmed yet, but VatorNews is reporting that Google as tipped over the last couple of weeks has bought US deals website Groupon for $2.5bn.

The price is lower than some of the moonshot type figures that have been bandied around over the last week with some saying that the price could go as high as between $3bn to $5bn. Read More »

Twitter lacks ‘clear long term vision’ CEO admits

After Dick Costolo, the new Twitter CEO, admitted in The Telegraph that Twitter lacks ‘clear long term vision’ people have been coming forth with free advice.

Costolo said  he was working on trying to define what Twitter’s purpose is in the long term adding that it was hard to try and define Twitter’s function and purpose because so much of the service has been defined by its users since it was launched four years ago. Read More »

Rupert Murdoch’s iPad experiment ‘The Daily ‘ is unlikely to succeed

First of all, it is not at all clear what would constitute success for an iPad ‘newspaper’. If it is to quickly reach profitability, which does seem unlikely, even with a projected doubling of the iPad universe to 15 million users in the next twelve months, the take-up rate for the subscription app would have to be astonishingly high for it to cover costs. Read More »

What @theashes can tell us about picking the wrong Twitter name

When a girl from Massachussets called Ashes chose @theashes as her Twitter username perhaps she didn’t know about a certain major cricket tournament taking place between England and Australia.

This means lots of people discussing the action on Twitter. And lots of people inadvertently including @theashes in their tweets. This has got Ashes’ back up. Just a little bit.

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