Explain This: Does Skittles campaign tell us the ad industry is out of touch when it comes to social media?

I was asked to write for The Wall months ago but never know what to write about. But it struck me yesterday… why not use The Wall (and it’s smart readers) to answer questions I can’t fathom. There’s a few things I see that makes me think “Huh?” and I always wonder if others feel the same.

So I’ve got a question I need your help with. Its this technique from TBWA/London for the Skittles campaign that broke yesterday.

Explain This To Me…. Why does Dazzle The Rainbow need access to my Facebook credentials to watch a video?

There’s a funny video of a man in a box getting Skittles pouured on his head. Sounds pretty stupid. I need to see it. There’s a few links on Twitter, so I open facebook.com/skittles.uk and click on the play button. But this happens….

Why on earth does Facebook need access to my networks, user id and list of friends? I’m not doing it. I immediately close it. I really don’t like it.

But then I read this from James Cooper – Creative Director for Saatchi NY.

Are we ‘out of touch’ or  just more aware of the techniques agencies and brands use on social networks. Why do I feel so weird about this, when 1.3m people out there are happy to just get stuck in?

I’m not just having a go at anyone here. We’re all in this together.

Nike used a similar technique for their Write The Future campaign on Facebook. You had to ‘Like’ the page before you could watch the video. How can I Like something I’ve not seen? Did you willingly hand over your details?

But what does it mean if we’re not willing to engage in the practices we’re exposing others to?

Can anyone help me un-jumble my thoughts?

Would love to get your views / comments below…

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