Facebook vs Twitter: battle of the shares [graph]

It sounds like the start to a (bad)  joke “what’s more influential a tweet or a like?,  but it’s a debate that’s pretty rife amongst social media geeks.

So using the analytics from the 7 million+ people who watched the recent Federer trick-shot viral (made by @Rubber_Republic and @HillandKnowlton) we thought we’d share some tasty Facebook vs Twitter insight:

Facebook vs Twitter

Interesting nuggets to pick out from these numbers are:

– Facebook drives more volume than Twitter: according to these numbers, Facebook drove nearly 50 times more views than Twitter – a hugely significant difference: 1.5 million views compared to 32,000 views.

– Facebook has twice the conversion rate than Twitter: and Facebook is twice as influential as Twitter, with Facebook generating (on average) 9 views per share, compared to 4 views per tweet on Twitter.

– “Strong ties” drive greater virality than “weak ties”: by this we mean that the close personal connections on Facebook (“strong ties”) seemed to drive greater levels of sharing (virality) than the more informal acquaintance-based connections on Twitter (“weak ties”)

Additional insight that isn’t revealed by the infographic above is linked to platform performance.  17% (1,258,812 million views)  of the Federer viral’s views came via a mobile device.   Although we don’t know what exact percentage of these Twitter clients brought in vs Facebook,  it is Twitter’s popularity on mobile devices (46% of Twitter users access the service through a mobile) that puts it in better stead than Facebook as more people adopt smartphones and video viewing behaviours change.

Whilst Facebook has an edge with embeds on desktops/laptops the use and requirement of embedded media is also lessened on certain mobile devices. This is where perhaps Twitter makes up ground on platforms such as Apple’s IOS4, where videos on Facebook news feeds can’t be viewed as convenient embeds due to its flash incompatibility.


  • artee

    Are you suggesting this based on just one viral??
    Check this story as well:

    I think we are still away from choosing twitter over FB or vice versa.

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  • http://www.adaptiveconsultancy.com Tamara@Adaptive

    This is amazing. I knew that Facebook was, in many ways, more influential then Twitter, but to see it in a chart is truly astounding. Twitter is great because it’s fast and, if you’re following the right people, it can be a great place to source interesting news…. that’s how I got to this article actually!

    But Facebook has so much more to offer with photos and videos and such. Although the new Twitter has given the platform a bit of a facelift, so we’ll see what’s to come in the year to come.

  • http://www.rubberrepublic.com Chris Q

    Yes, it is based on one viral. However, I think it’s a v.good viral to draw conclusions from as
    1) It’s a “general appeal” viral – so gives a sense of how the mainstream social internet reacts / shares content
    2) It’s had 7 million+ views, therefore is a massive sample to draw conclusions from . . .

    You could compare other viral types – e.g. niche interest, looking at the effect of different communities on shareability and platforms . . .

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  • http://www.der-zuckerbaecker.de Der Zuckerbäcker

    I’m very curious about the big fight between FB and Google.

  • http://www.prometrix.de Lisa

    I am looking forwart to the fight between Facebook and Google+

    I want to login. But now we must wait for the confirmation of Google+