Twitter to make major announcement – is real-time search launch on the way?

Twitter is expected to make a major announcement today with speculation centring on a revamp to its second rate search capabilities. Twitter has invited journalists yesterday to an event at its HQ with things kicking off at 1545 PST in San Francisco.

There are a myriad of things Twitter could be set to announce be it progress with revenues, its promoted tweets, @earlybird, and other commercial developments, but as AllThingsD speculates there is a strong possibility that the announcement today could focus on search.

If any area of Twitter’s development has been more neglected it is search. There is a huge demand from users for Twitter to shape-up in this area and put in place technology that can deliver decent rather than sub-standard results real-time results.

Twitter should have an awesome real-time search tool that reflects the breadth of information available.

That its announcement comes a week after Google Instant is launched is co-incidental, but that only highlights how search is moving forward and how badly Twitter needs to catch up.

As if to underscore the search vibe, at the weekend news emerged of “Twitter Instant“. No it wasn’t a quick copycat response from the peeps at Twitter, but the efforts of a 15 year-old kid in Malaysia called Manmohanjit Singh.

Not surprisingly others have been at it too and there is another Twitter Instant created by Matthias Schneider of Schneider’s Twitter Instant also works from mobile browsers.

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