Loving Uniqlo’s tweet the price down – but is it working?

I love this, but it totally passed me by at the time of launch. In June Japanese value fashion retailer Uniqlo had this great (or annoying, your call) take on allowing customers to use Twitter to push down prices in real-time.

Its so simple you and your mates tweet the price and down it goes. You have a window of opportunity and the current bag of items on offer will sell at their lower tweeted price on September 9 — that’s Thursday to you.

What do you think? Are people using it? Is it working. Let us know.

  • http://sixtwo.org John Burke

    wel you said it in between your sentences. you missed the launch. so did I and prob many others and we are in the business!

    it’s prob not working cause noone knows about it because clearly it’s a fantastic and easily workable concept or the consumer.

  • Polly Becker

    John that was my suspicion – as i’ve heard no one talk about it. Someone just sent me this today. I thought pretty smart idea.

  • Rachel

    Hi Polly

    Uniqlo have had two different twitter campaigns this summer. The first which was launched in June was Sport Tweet. This ended a while ago though. The Lucky Counter campaign (as shown in your image) launched last week and has been really successful with more and more tweets each day.

    Thanks for your comments!

  • Eddie Haydock

    So, no one knows whether an online campaign is working or not. Can’t believe it.

  • http://thoughtsonthinking.tumblr.com/ BenAS

    The prices are coming down. so it would be safe to assume that this campaign is working! I posted about this campaign as I find it really interesting(http://thoughtsonthinking.tumblr.com/#/post/1075492005). While I think that it is essentially a good idea, i wonder about the the retention that UNIQLO will gain from this? What could they have done to improve the incentive to tweet, exclusive deals for tweeter perhaps?

  • Tsu Lin

    I was really annoyed, actually! I got this in my mail & tweeted but totally forgot about the launch time, so only logged in in the pm & realised all the sizes & colours have gone. They were limited to 100 pieces each (not sure if it was by design or by design&colour) so it went pretty fast. I wonder too, if it was “successful” – How do you measure its success? That it was sold out way before time ended, or that it created a buzz on the internet? (I truly didn’t hear much about it and don’t think it trended much on twitter).