Time names its top five social media sites

Time magazine has named its top 50 websites for 2010 and included Gowalla and Tumblr in its top five social media sites. With the Guardian and Tina Brown’s Daily Beast also making the wider list.

The social media top five also includes StockTwits, Foodspotting and LinkedIn.

Interesting to see Gowalla trumping Foursquare here to make Time’s list, but according to Time “Foursquare may be getting all the attention, but Gowalla — its scrappy Austin competitor — is more fun”.

There are warm words for foodie service Foodspotting which it says “combines the location awareness of Gowalla with the food fetish of a restaurant critic, letting diners update and share on-the-spot reviews and photos of every restaurant they hit”.

The inclusion of Tumblr is no surprise. It has been having as Time notes a breakout year. Well worth of more investigation. High profile Tumblr implementations like Newsweek are cited, but as Time says “the site works just fine for the casual user too. With a variety of free themes available, and with tools to make sharing videos and photos a cinch, Tumblr can make even the most mundane updates look visually stunning. See Tumblr’s mobile app”.

The Guardian makes the News & Info category and wins praise for embracing digital like no other “dead-tree newspaper”. It gets a nod for its willingness to fully embrace openness as others around it get paywall jitters.

Talking of Brits, Tina Brown’s Daily Beast makes the same list. Time says it is a “must-read for any serious news consumer”. High praise indeed for the Huffington Post rival, which is lauded for the ability of its editors to cut through the headlines so readers can quickly digest the most essential stories of the day.

“As a news site [Daily Beast], it’s something of a triple threat: a trendsetter, an insightful and analytical clearinghouse of events and ideas, and thanks to the thorough and easy-to-scan Cheat Sheet, quite the time saver.

The full Time top 50 list