Ford publishes its social media guidelines [Top tips]

Ford has published its social media guidelines with its tips on how it uses social media via its string of Twitter accounts and presence on Facebook and elsewhere.

The accounts and the tips below are well worth a look. The main Ford Twitter account is @Ford but there are also a string of others that are worth a look: @FordCustService; @FordDriveOne; @ FordDriveGreen; @ FordTrucks @FordMustang; @FordRacing; and @FordRacingNWide.

Last month Ford became the first car manufacturer to use Facebook rather than an auto show to reveal a new model, its Explorer SUV.

It’s tips are pretty simple and worth noting not least because Ford is a company putting its money where its mouth is and channelling 25% of its marketing spend on social media.

1. Be honest about who you are; 2. Make it clear that the views expressed are you own;  3. Remember you speak not only for yourself but for your company (Ford), 4. Be respectful and show good judgement; and 5 .Be aware that will it might take you no time to tweet or update a status what you say is permanent.