What the f*** is my social media “strategy”?

I love this. How many people find themselves asking this question? We should all be truly thankful that they’re are people out there willing to make social media sound bites up (“Humanise the brand by driving the audience conversations”) so we don’t have to.

You don’t like that one? You’ve already used it? What about “Target influencers with engaging assets to act as platforms for conversation”?

There are many more inspiring social media sound bites that you can use at meetings to make yourself sound really smarter on this site created by Mike Phillips and Stedmeister.

It has a handy guide to creating that social media presentation for your next conference gig that will make you sound like a social media expert. Simply mix together a series of key verbs and nouns  “that make simple things sound more complicated than they are”.

That’s what social media experts call a “strategy” and with the help of this guide you too can be a “strategist” and in no time a “guru”.

“The moral of the story? Social media should be about making brands more accessible to users. Not using fancy words. What are you waiting for.”

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  • PatchT

    I have ‘strategist’ in my job title. After 6 months, I’m still trying to figure out what I do

  • Vincent

    The irony is that many of these ‘strategies’ are perfectly credible – the trick is knowing what they really mean and how to execute them.

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  • Mike

    Creating pseudo-nonsensical sound bites is not a unique failing of the ‘Social Media Experts’. Infact, it could equally be applied to any self-styled expert or guru

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