The Social Media Playbook: what your company needs to know about the social web

How handy is this? Online marketing firm Eloqua has produced a 42 page “Social Media Playbook”. It was originally created as a how-to guide for its own staff to follow on the social web and now they are handing it out for free.  You don’t even need to give them your email address.

The guide includes tips on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter including how to “weave Twitter trending topics into your communications mix and whether you should opt for Foursquare, Gowalla or both?

The playbook goes walks you through the advantages and disadvantages of all the major social media platforms.

It looks at blogs and takes you through whether your company should have a blog and what they can do for you.

On the basics there is little that is overlooked and it is great to see a section on Wikipedia, Delicious and even Google Buzz gets a look. You might know some of this stuff already, but this is definitely worth some of your time and even more worth passing to members of your team who are less social media aware.

You can can access the Eloqua social media playbook here.