Diesel brings Facebook to life in its stores with Diesel Cam

Diesel Cam on FacebookHere’s one that seems to have slipped under the Brand Republic radar as Diesel unveils its innovative Diesel Cam that allows you to share cool pics of yourself wearing Diesel clothes on Facebook right from its store.

A fortnight ago we posted a blog announcing that Facebook’s ‘Like’ button had been adopted by over 50,000 websites.

It’s great for web developers looking to market their brand utilising Mark Zuckerberg’s new social graph technology, but only one company appears to have thought outside of the box  by taking the technology offline.

One has to admire that FullSIX went through the effort of constructing such an innovative contraption, but the Diesel Cam appears to be the first of its kind.

Most likely inspired by the photograph booths found in amusement arcades, spliced with a vending machine, the Diesel Cam doubles up as a mirror and a shopping buddy by allowing wannabe models to share photos of themselves wearing Diesel’s threads on Facebook by logging in via Facebook Connect on the machine’s control panel.

The machine allows you to crop and cut pictures so only your pretty side is posted to your friend stream.

It’s just a shame that they’re only in Diesel’s stores in Barcelona and Madrid. Hopefully Diesel will figure ‘que pasa’ and it’ll catch on here. Why cynics may brush it off as a fad, it’s the only fad of its ilk I’ve seen, and a fantastic example of a brand using Facebook Connect to engage customers with their online presence.