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eModeration Social Media Round-Up #41

Welcome to eModeration’s round-up of all that is intriguing, alarming
or odd in the world of social media, compiled by Kate Williams. For
more social media snippets, follow @emodkate – or for general twittery,

This week (a little bleary-eyed): The Social Election; Facebook’s fork
in the road; and Apple redux.

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iPad killing netbook sales

That didn’t take long. Netbook sales have hit a wall thanks to pent-up demand and early hype for Apple’s iPad.

A research note from Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley found that the netbook market has collapsed from an astounding 641% year-over-year growth rate in July ’09 to just 5% in April.

Demand for low-cost, low-powered netbooks peaked last summer but fell off a cliff in January and shrank again in April, which, according to Huberty, is due to the January introduction and April launch of the iPad.
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Clegg wins Facebook election

As UK voters head to the polls, Facebook has proven itself as an apt political barometer for the online generation, as well as an indispensable campaigning tool for all parties, but specifically Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats, who found a pocket of support on the social networking site.

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