Daily Archives: Friday, May 29, 2009

Digital Britain Unconference. An alternative view for Lord Carter.

Anyone familiar with this brief? “We’ve been working on this for nearly a year, but we’re not sure we’ve got anything good. You need to come up with a plan by next week that will save the world.” Alright, it’s not quite like that, but I was struck by the similarities between watching the Digital Britain Conference panel debates and the innumerable briefing meets I’ve been to over the years where the digital question has created an atmosphere of confusion, excitement, panic and opportunity amongst those charged with stewarding brands into the future. Everyone knows that a ‘lick of digital paint’ isn’t quite enough. But nobody knows quite enough to make a decision. And those that do know feel they haven’t been consulted.

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One man’s “Quality” is another man’s “useless page rank”!

In the complicated and interconnected worlds of SEO and digital PR I find myself increasingly talking about the importance of “quality”. However, after a series of déjà vous inducing client meetings I realise what a contentious and subjective term it can be.

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I had to lol at the radio this morning. They were screaming how the stressed out Susan Boyle story is all over the news. Well, it is everywhere because mainstream media loves singing the same tune. Old media’s own re-tweeting system means bits of sensationalized gossip gets relayed from outlet to outlet, building up an ephemeral thundercloud of noise.

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