‘Professional bloggers’ – the the PR people of tomorrow?

Fellow Cow Ella forwarded me on this piece by Fuat Kircaali from Web 2.0 all about how PR people and consultancies are marketing dinosaurs due for extinction.

Sure, the guy was trying to push his Utilizer news publishing platform with a fairly up-front plug in the article. However, it’s this quote that caught my attention:

with the Largest Number of Professional Bloggers will win. Tomorrow’s
(and I mean tomorrow, not the next decade) marketing game will be
played on professional corporate blogging platforms. The companies with
the largest number of well-read and respected corporate bloggers will
win the marketing and propaganda games.”

Will the PR
people of tomorrow simply be glorified bloggers with brands employing
an army of scribes to send pearls of wisdom into the online ether?

I can see some logic in this argument. News is
increasingly online first and in print a distant second, everyone is
connected, and blogs directly help your search engine rankings. Nevertheless,
I would have thought that the need to disseminate more news online and
engage with people means professional (and trained) communicators are
more and not less necessary.

So – “The new job description of “professional corporate blogger” will be a very popular one”? Well that depends. Companies like Kodak
do have people present in this sphere, but what they do works as they
actually add value to customers (in Kodak’s case via a photo blog).

Assembly line blogging where announcements are blasted out however is just online noise, something we have plenty of already.

Image – Barely Fitz