Daily Archives: Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Tricks for Dogs Trust

Last night our agency had a sweet evening event (#hksocial) which I was jazzed about because we invited one of the best UK examples of a brand embracing social media.

Dogs Trust is a wonderful charity that helps educate folks that “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas®.” They live and breathe their brand promise to “never put a healthy dog down.”

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Is social media too wordy???

I’ve been following Woolworth’s re-launch over the last few months and really like how they’ve optimised the use of social media to maintain that loveable / close relationship Woolies always had with its customers.

Whilst readying themselves for their big launch in the coming months, Woolies have been maintaining their customer love + building new love via the usual social media channels: blog, twitter and facebook. They’ve also added a nice aural aspect to their social media by using Last.fm and Spotify by creating “Now that’s what I call Woolworths”. That’s a great innovation + nice and quirky + very Woolies.

However, one thing that the Woolies social media team seem to have missed is pictures! There’s a real lack of imagery on the Woolies blog – there’s not even a photo of the mysterious Woolies blogger Matthew – and given that much of a shopping brand experience is visual (think of those overladen-toy-covered shelves that used to fill Woolworths) they seem to be missing a trick.

With the recent surge in Twitter usage, social media seems to have been over-run by words, and the humble image has been left behind. If a picture paints a thousand words, then maybe we should all be vlogging + flickring rather than tweeting, Or maybe that’s the problem, images say a little too much – 1000 words rather than 140 characters . . .

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