Daily Archives: 17 March, 2009

Facebook is getting way to commercial…

Not to sound like a broken record or a teen following trends, but Facebook is totally heading down the same path as the likes of MySpace in my opinion.

The new layout sets the path for more paid advertising both on the homepage and profile page, removes any white space that the previous version had & has even gone to the extent of removing elements that allowed one to easily customize what they see. Too take it even one step further downward I would love to know who is concepting for the platform now. Functionality on your profile page below each of the “commercial” banners, allows one to skip forward and see another banner. I mean, are we developing for the 1990′s or are we moving forward…? Thumbs up, down and skip on a banner?

I for one liked the recent version – it was simple, allowed one to customize and navigate easily but this time round – usability and personalization is out the window. Has Microsoft taken over?

Mobile Industry Review (MIR) Blog Goes Subscription

 News inside the mobile industry is that one of its information centrepieces, the blog Mobile Industry Review (MIR) is taking its content to a subscription-only business model, and will offer no more free content from March 27th onward.


The volunteer run site has provided the mobile industry with daily packed content, including podcasts, beginning as its original title SMS Text News since January 2006, and is the branchild of entrepreneur Ewan McLeod.


McLeod reports that hustling to keep the site running, with up to 400,000 visitors daily, is a costly operation that requires funding of about £20K per year that he has been financing independently. He’s welcoming the new corporate angel that has stepped into buy MIR’s content, and provide it to others, for annual subscriptions of £12K per year. MIR’s content model will be transformed into an industry research resource, beginning with the upcoming April mobile trade show CTIA in Las Vegas.


“I’ve done a lot of work around trying to work out a model for covering the cost of bringing MIR to you every month. I failed — it didn’t work. I’m delighted that one company put its money where it’s mouth is and said ‘yes, please’. The fact that they choose to demand exclusivity is just the way it goes. They’re entitled to do so. They’re paying,” commented McLeod.


Always the entrepreneur McLeod is also raising capital by selling Twitter followers for $100 a month.


Good luck Ewan,