Reconsidering the Advertising Industry

What marketing leaders want from their agencies

Alain Thys and Stefan Kolle of Futurelab have published a thought provoking report on the advertising industry:

There is a growing disconnect between what advertising agencies offer, and what their clients are looking for

Although the report is focused on above the line and media agencies, rather than a specialist conversation agency such as ourselves, there’s more than the slide I’ve pulled out above to suggest that the approach we’re taking at We Are Social is what clients both want and need. Judge for yourself:

If that piqued your interest, you should also check out The Connected Agency report from Forrester:

marketers will move to the Connected Agency – one that shifts: from making messages to nurturing consumer connections; from delivering push to creating pull interactions; and from orchestrating campaigns to facilitating conversations.

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  • Gordon Macmillan

    Great to see you posting again.

  • Andy Knell

    Can someone explain how the figure of 94% of clients wanting their agencies to leverage virtual communities corresponds with the recent survey BR have reported that suggested circa 50% of clients are not at all interested or not very interested to include social network advertising in their marketing plans for 09?

  • Stefan Kolle / Futurelab

    What we couldn’t show on the slide (only in the full text) is the background of that research – the group surveyed here where CMO’s and senior marketers *responsible for digital marketing* in their organisations. In other words, the point of this slide is to show that those savvy in digital marketing are not satisfied with their agencies levels of understanding – not the level to which organisations are interested in certain techniques. No discrepancy there with the research you quoted.