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Did blogging killing the conference?

Howdy, it's been a busy few weeks here. Someone said that if you wanted to you could eat every night for free in NY because there is always something on, an opening, a talk, you name it. Whoever that person is, or was, was indeed right. Yesterday I went to the PSFK Conference and The Creativity 50 party (more on that in another post). I could have gone to the Nike Dunk party or hooked up with the One Show judges, but was, genuinely pooped. Anyway, all this interaction led to a wee thought.

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Is search advertising?

Andrew Walmsley on search:

This is marketing, and, moreover, it is advertising, in a pure, analytical and rather detail-obsessive way. To master it truly, we must understand how it creates value in the marketing and media mix, and where and how it influences users on their journey to being customers.

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In-game advertising

David Murphy gives a good overview of the current state of the in-game advertising market in this week's Marketing – worth a read if you're interested in that sort of thing…

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Absolut Machines

The perfect way to loose half an hour of a rainy Sunday afternoon – go play


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The Rise of The Ad Man 2.0

Iain Tait with a must read post, prompted by the must watch The Rise and Fall of the Ad Man, asking:

assuming that the time is right, what would you do to create a brand new agency, like they did in the 60s?

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Clusters + Connectors

David Armano:

forums, blogs, widgets and whatever alone are not where the action is at. Community clusters and connections are building blocks of our individual and group social systems. But what happens when these touch points become orchestrated? When they compliment each other and act as functional parts of a larger organism?

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Why great planners have to be dumb

Tod Norman, partner at brand response agency Watson Phillips Norman, on why great planners have to be dumb.

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Spread the Creativity Love

Yesterday I was invited to take part in the Creativity Magazine round table discussion. It was a good chance to meet a lot of US Creative Directors and see what's going on in this crazy country. And the big news is….it's same same but different as I l believe they say in Thailand.

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A twitter experiment – wanna join in?

I like the fact that even though Florian and I are on the other side of the world we can still collaborate in a little project or two. Flo had the great idea of doing a twitter post every day from Andy Warhol's diary. Being a bit of a Warhol nerd I loved this. So I said why don't we get other people to do posts from other artists?

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