How to do Direct (and Digital)

Shaun McIlrath, Creative Director at Hurrell and Dawson on how to do Direct:

it is your job to help your clients be uncorporate – to be human. You can do it through comms, or by working within the company to help make it more accessible and helpful to the customer – but do it, because it will make their behaviour more distinctive and their comms more engaging.

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  • Tom Hopkins

    Do you think that’s right Robin? I’ve posted a response on scamp but i think this whole idea that speaking ‘as if’ you’re someone’s mate is actually making all this less genuine and ‘engaging’ to use a horrible word. Amelia’s got a good line on itt too:

  • Robin Grant

    Tom – I do think this is right – Although I do see your point. Perhaps the other side of the equation is to help our clients not just speak to their customers like real people, but to treat their customers like real people too…