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I went on Holiday and took the Internet with me

I just got back from a lovely little holiday (hence no posts). Along with Speedos (it's an enduring image isn't it?), Proust and suncream we took a laptop. What are we, nuts?

We went the Maldives. By the way I think I have a good line for their tourist board: 'It's f**king amazing. And not THAT expensive.' We were in the middle of nowhere, 45 mins boat ride from Male and yet even there they had wireless and even on the boat ride my mobile reception was better than in London.

I'll get to the point. Even though we were having a ball, doing nothing, reading, getting sunburnt, drinking ginger mojitos there was still a little bit of time for our friend the internet.

I showed a photo to someone here and in the room was a laptop. She just rolled her eyes and said, 'saddo'. The implication that having a laptop on holiday means work. Far from it – I think everyone at Dare can testify that I did absolutely no work while I was away. But I did muck about a bit on the web.

The web has become a little bit like having a TV in your room on holiday. It's entertainment and a connection with reality – if you want it. The entertainment bit is the key though. It's fun to go onto Facebook for a bit, check the Arsenal goals – one way of working out whether I'm on holiday or not is just to see whether there has been an amazing home game or not, I always miss the good ones – and put some photos up on Flickr. 

This is what most clients don't get. The internet is not about work anymore. It's embedded into people's leisure time. And indeed they are having more fun on their computers than on TV. Although the indian soaps I occasionally flicked past were sensational! 

An interview with David Droga

David Droga on wrestling with ideas.

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September’s Creative Showcase

The winners of September's Creative Showcase awards have been announced. Glue's winning entry for the Royal Marines is good, but compared to their work for the same client 2 years ago, aside from the use of video, it's not moved on that much.

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eCRM, digital direct, whatever…

Don't get me wrong, having run first Eurostar's and then Flybe's eCRM programmes, I know the ROI that you can get from applying traditional DM data planning principles to email marketing is insane. However, to think that you can be 'lead agency' without making your clients feel sexy, is just as insane. Over to to Hayley Pinkerfield

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Daft Punk is playing at my house

The French are avid bloggeurs, so it makes sense that rather than create a website to promote their new album, Daft Punk built a widget. One day soon, everyone will do this.


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Iris wins the Shell digital account

Iris, the integrated agency of some repute, hired George Nimeh as their Digital MD back in January. It looks like that decision is beginning to bare fruit – they've just won the multimillion-pound global digital Shell account.

Update: They're at it again, this time beating R/GA, Glue, Inferno, Exposure and VCCP in a 6-way pitch for ING's £40m global Formula 1 sponsorship.

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Information R/evolution

From the genius that brought you The Machine is Us/ing Us, comes Information R/evolution.

Useful if you don't really get why tags are important…


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Barclaycard and Gay Bingo.

I wrote a while ago about not many uk clients getting involved in blogging. I'm happy to say Barclaycard are trying something out with their WTF Collective blog. And it's certainly not about APR percentage rates.

A wee bit of backstory. Barclaycard have created this neat little gizmo called the OnePulse which is an Oyster Card, Credit Card and Cash Card for Londoners. Anywhere that has an oyster reader will let you get a tenners worth of chocolate (or porn mags) by just swiping it rather than putting in a pin. Quite cool I think.

Therefore the blog is all about forward thinking Londoners and what they think the Future of London is all about. There is Jonny Woo, a fairly outrageous transvestite, Stephen Mangan from Green Wing and an up and coming band called Proxy to name but a few.

It's the brands first foray into social media and who knows where it will end up but I think it's a pretty interesting toe that has been dipped.

A fad is a fad but it can be a good fad

Some time ago I signed up to the Blog Action Day – which encourages blogers to unite for oneday to raise the issue of the enironment. The most interesting thing for me is not the environment per se, that's just a fad, but the way the web can get over 16,000 people to write about something.

I'll spare you my thoughts on whether digital marketing is more green than traditional etc etc (it probably is but not by any significant amount so who cares?).

We are undoubtedly in a green era. My friend's mum used to collect rain water when we were teenagers. I thought she was a bit mental – in a fun way – like she was preparing for the apocolypse or something. Now, I look at my drainpipe and wonder how I could collect rain water to water the plants. (Growing tomatos, and herbs). But it' a fad, an industry and politically motivated fad. Most fads pass - remember aerobics in the 80's? - now half the country is clinically obese. Whether greenness continues might well depend on whether his royal greenness, Dave Cameron, gets in or not. I think he might and that may influence a whole generation to come.

But when talking to Florian about this he gets very German. "There are no people dropping cigarettes in Germany, there are no plasic bags in German supermarkets and if you do get coke in a plastic bottle you take it back in a tray to be cleaned out. And there are no people drinking alcohol on the streets and dropping bottles and cans. This is not a fashion, this is how it is."

How do we get to that stage? I have a hunch it will take more than Dave but a loose collaboration of bloggers from around the world with something to say could be the start.

Branded Utility – the NYT version

Today's New York Times has a great article focusing on how Nike increasingly is spending less on conventional advertising and more on doing useful things for people. Just do it.

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