Daily Archives: Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Size doesn’t matter

Some interesting research that shows an agencies size doesn't matter that much to clients – here's what does, in order of importance:

  1. Quality customer insights
  2. Chemistry
  3. Creative work
  4. Service level / response to needs ongoing

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The death of traditional advertising

Bob Garfield, of Advertising Age, thinks agencies need to reinvent themselves or die. Watch to find out why:


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Dr Who vs. Youtube

As if from the very pages of the Long Tail itself, comes this little snippet:

On 25 May, 7.7m people in the UK tuned in to watch Doctor Who on BBC One. On the same day, 9.8m people in the UK visited a website owned by Google, of which 2.2m watched at least one video on YouTube.

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Computers with floppies.

We have just finished a nice little B2B site for Vodafone. It's for mobile working and links up with a TV ad but doesn't just repeat the TV thought it has it's own strategy. Some might say that's the future of integration.

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