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What brands can learn from THAT dress

dressThe internet has been split down the middle by a dress.

Fuelled by Twitter, offices and families all around the world have been arguing about whether it is white and gold, or blue and black. No matter how hard people try, they are unable to see it the same way as the person next to them.

There’s a relatively simple reason behind this.

The Daily Poke: Love lollies

Love lolliesWhat were you doing this time last week? Weeping onto your woefully empty doormat? Proudly parading a posy around the office? Or simply keeping your head down till the commercial kack-cascade was over? If you’re in the wine or sweetie business you were probably counting your tooth-stainingly sweet profits.

Seeing as the consumption of confectionary and corked alcohol takes a massive surge on Valentine’s Day, what better way to cash in on the tradition than to combine the two? That’s just what Union Wine Co. Wines and QUIN Candy have done, in a joint, artisanal, all-natural sweet shop.

How advertisers can be more relevant on Facebook

Facebook adsFor the Mark Zuckerburgs of this world, there has always been an uncomfortable friction between connecting the world and getting paid to do it.

To exploit the vast amount of data they own, platforms turn to marketers, offering them the opportunity to engage with their customers in ever-more meaningful ways. Ad revenue is invariably the means for social networks to justify the billion dollar valuations placed on them by investors.

Can the Chelsea FC brand ever be globally admired?

Chelsea FCIt must be a nightmare being the brand director of Chelsea Football Club.

No sooner do you recover from one crisis that affects the brand perception then you’re propelled into another one, none of which is helped by the management. Is the Chelsea Football brand too toxic to ever be as popular globally as the Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona or Real Madrid no matter its success?

Last week brought revelations of Chelsea fans in Paris twice stopping a black man from getting on a train before their match with Paris Saint Germain (PSG). This was coupled with chants of “we are racists”. Unfortunately for them the whole incident was filmed and The Guardian took great delight in using this to highlight how racist Chelsea and football in general still is.

The Daily Poke: Couture cocktails

Couture cocktailsIt’s well known that our sense of smell affects the subtleties of taste. You need agood bouquet to avoid blandness. And blandness is something to make any tasteful fashion house bring up its bellini.

Parfums Givenchy invite us to explore the limits of their aromatic world in a cocktail collaboration with Hotel Café Royal. Their new season collection of scent-inspired concoctions is, in the true spirit of fashion, soon to expire, available only until late March.

How to really nail content marketing

Megaphone2Content marketing has come of age.

It’s a much more intimate experience and it’s important that brands take the right approach. Tone is clearly important, as is the use of storytelling for marketers to engage in a two-way dialogue with their target audience.

Advertisers are having to quickly become adept at using different forms of media, often visual and short-form, such as animated gifs to capture consumer attention and create a conversation. Done right, content marketing can seriously cut through the noise.

YouTube and Facebook: Two sides of the same coin

youtubeSignThe video marketplace is fragmenting: increasingly more videos are being uploaded to sites other than YouTube – and Facebook is emerging as one of the main beneficiaries.

When exploring where to invest in video media, it is important to remember that your audience is using Facebook and YouTube in different ways.

Users approach each platform with a different mind-set: Facebook usage is more about discovery, whilst YouTube is primarily used for entertainment but also the bookmarking of content.

The Daily Poke: Break your selfie

Be more humanPoint. Pout. Publish. The ubiquitous selfie has influenced how we see ourselves, and how we allow others to see us too, just as much as social media has transformed our lives.

All this pixel-pushing narcissism is having an insidious effect on what it means to be human, and Reebok is determined to help us get a bit more real again.

3 steps to building an effective brand video strategy

O2 guruThe first stage to building an effective brand video strategy is to set your objectives, keeping your target audience in mind.

Be clear about what you want to achieve. Are you trying to raise awareness about your brand? Do you want to influence people? Or drive sales?  Or is it a combination thereof?

The next stage is to create the following types of content to help reach your objectives:

The future is made of geo-fences

fence, by nina's clicks:FlickrOur devices follow us throughout the day, leaving footprints of GPS data and creating valuable snapshots of  behaviour that marketers can utilise.

Because media operates in a cookieless world, this location data is vital to ensuring marketing spend is delivering return on investment.

For marketers who want to capitalise, here are four key tips for success when using location-based marketing.