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The telephone concert

WhatsApp logoHere’s an idea: the world’s first ever live concert, broadcast solely over via telephone. Ring a number at a specified time to tune in, kick back, and let the tinny sounds wash over your right ear.

What do you think? Seems like the kind of “entrepreneurial creativity” (ahem) that someone like Will.I.Am would probably get a kick out of, and with its quirky repurposing of a media platform I imagine it would have great saliency. But those things don’t make a good idea.

Content marketing’s new creative toolkit

WEB_British_Airways_Look_UpJust as the internet has evolved over the past twenty years or more and gone through generations of capability, so too has the toolkit available to creatives and brands to build the content that consumers demand.

Faster connection speeds and more sophisticated techniques have allowed brands to explore newer, richer ways of developing content and distributing it to their target audiences.

That .sucks – hundreds of new domains could spell trouble for brands



The news released this month that questionable domain names will become publicly available from 1 June had thrown some of the world’s biggest brands, businesses and celebrities into a bit of a flurry.

.sucks, .porn, and .adult are just some of the top level domains (TLDs) that will become accessible to brands, businesses and trolls alike come June. And while on the surface it looks like a bit of a laugh, it could bring about a number of issues for brands and businesses – leaving them vulnerable to abuse from online trolls, solely out to hamper their reputations.

The Daily Poke: Kick the couch habit

Kick the couch habitSofas kill. As every new mother is told. But, babies rolling down the cracks aside, there are some serious concerns about how much time we all spend on our tushes.

To get our moneymakers moving, Vittel have launched a campaign to motivate our inner sofa sloths. Their Couch Converter service will furnish you with a pair of personalised running shoes inspired by your lounger. Simply send in your sofa’s photo and a snippet of its fabric, and a team of shoe designers will get to work to create a custom pair of kicks for the (soon-to-be) reformed couch potato in you. Three-piece sweet.

How important is digital and retail experience for brands?

mobile in store wall

Now in its second year, new Shopper Tribes research from Gekko has found that fewer shoppers are researching products online before buying in-store, with numbers falling by 7% over the past year.

As buying behaviours become more complex, with consumers increasingly taking a multi-channel approach when purchasing goods, the relationship between the digital and retail experience is ever more important for brands.

The Daily Poke: Scoffee

ScoffeeFancy a biscuit with your coffee? Well it’s right there, in your hand. Yep, the cup is the biscuit. To mark the introduction of Seattle’s Best Coffee in its restaurants, KFC is serving up the brew in edible coffee cups. (Tasty Matt)

The ‘Scoff-ee Cup’ is made from biscuit, wrapped in sugar paper and lined with a thick layer of white chocolate. Filled with hot coffee the chocolate lining slowly melts, the biscuit softens and the whole arrangement turns into a wonderfully sweet, sticky snack.

Small screen, big picture: how to select the best images for mobile

pic0326 - beach

(Jeremy Tan/Getty Images)

We have long been questioning when the ‘Year of the Mobile’ will grace us with its presence. Some penned it as early as 2012, others argue it’s yet to come. I say, it’s here.

Smartphones and tablets are an intrinsic part of our daily lives, with studies showing the average smartphone user checks their phone up to 221 times a day.

How can brands turn ‘likes’ into love?

Finding Love - The Wall picWith over 1.5 million apps vying for your heart in Apple’s App Store alone, there are likely a handful of digital experiences you’ve fallen for. We freely toss around love for Twitter, Game of Thrones, Google Maps or whatever else is trending. We can’t help it, we love to love.

When it comes to our hearts however, we aren’t as uninhibited. The likes, pluses, stars and hearts continue piling up, but is the love of a brand’s million followers, or the adoration of hundreds of thousands of passionate cat video fans, the same as the love we feel for each other?

The Daily Poke: Don’t turn away from domestic violence

Don't turn awayThe bruised face of a woman is a pretty startling representation of domestic violence. But the new outdoor campaign for Women’s Aid developed by WCRS is more than just a shock tactic. The billboard incorporates facial recognition technology that registers when people are looking at the image. This in turn triggers a series of messages along the bottom of the ad urging passers-by not to turn a blind eye. As more people take notice, the bruises on the woman’s face start to fade.

Google’s new mobile rankings – what it means for going global

WEB_mobile_phoneOn 21 April, Google will update its algorithm to favour mobile-optimised pages. Google has stated that the update will affect “all searches in all languages”, and that the update will have a “significant impact” on search results.

From that date, pages which are optimised for mobile devices will perform better in searches from mobile devices; and those not optimised for mobile devices will perform worse.