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All you need is a Paul McCartney Moji

Sir Paul McCartney has teamed up with Skype to create a set of love-inspired Mojis for Valentine’s Day.

moji2The ex-Beatle has written a series of melodies to match the amorous Mojis, which can be sent to loved ones across Skype.

The Moji characters include a pair of loved-up balloons and a romantic reindeer.

Women like FMCG brands on Facebook more than men do

Should FMCG brands aimed at men reconsider their Facebook advertising campaigns?

facebook mobile

It could be worthwhile, going by the findings of our research into how people interact with brands across social media.

Born Social found women are 13.7% more likely to “like” a brand on Facebook than men are – and they are 43.1% more likely to like an FMCG brand on Facebook than a man is.

The implication from this is that brands who are targeting women will have an easier time growing their Facebook presence than brands who are targeting men.

Does Snapchat’s Super Bowl deal spark a new era for brands?

Snapchat was an official part of this year’s Super Bowl for the first time, landing four major sponsors – Pepsi, Amazon, Marriott and Budweiser, for an NFL approved Super Bowl Live Story.


Branded content in Snapchat is not new of course, but the content has predominantly felt rough and ready.

However, this time it’s different, this time we’re talking big budgets.

Does Snapchat’s relationship with the Super Bowl suggests a sea-change in the precision offered by the platform in terms of targeting and analytics?

The Daily Poke: Home help

Technology is a mystery. Somehow, the industry can’t give us self-service machines that really know whether there’s an unidentified object in the bagging area.

Poke_Home help

But it can offer us virtual butlers.

Mark Zuckerberg has already said he wants to build his own digital assistant. And now, Japanese company Vinclu has announced Gatebox, a device to compete with Amazon’s Echo, including a fully holographic, interactive, AI personality.

It will use IoT (Internet of Things) technology to take care of everything in your home, from your lighting to your email.

Mobile CRM: the six metrics that matter

We now spend more digital time on mobile than desktop and most of that mobile time is spent on apps.

apps mobile applications

There’s never been a better time to adopt mobile-CRM; putting mobile first and nailing your app engagement strategy.

While other channels, such as email, can be optimised for mobile, mobile-CRM – using apps and push notifications – is the only channel where you create for mobile.

As consumers, we prefer mobile apps over mobile websites as they give us a better experience.

But what does success look like with this new engagement channel? Here are the six metrics that matter.

5 things CMOs can learn from mobile-first app brands: Part 3

Part three in a week-long series about the impact of mobile-first app brands.


Mobile-first app brands that track and monitor personal and device behaviours are creating a new “lifelogging” movement and accelerating this niche behaviour into the consumer mainstream.

Lifelogging is the gathering and tracking personal activity data like exercising, sleeping, and eating, and device activity.

In today’s smartphone world, the new consumer can monitor more and more through apps.

The four Cs of digital marketing

We live and operate in a digital world. That’s no secret at all.


Our personal lives and businesses have been going through a digital transformation over the last few years.

We’ve now reached a point where we can really see the effects of technology and the digitalisation of things on the advertising industry.

There are Four Cs that sum up these effects.

Post Super Bowl 50: what’s the game plan for next year?

For advertisers, the Super Bowl is big business with this year probably having more TV viewers than ever before, and big buck TV advertising involved.

Amazon super bowl 2016 alec baldwin

Advertisers are realising that being in the game is not enough (and, in some cases, not even necessary) as social media and the sheer newsworthiness of the event makes the Super Bowl about so much more than game day.

With such a high proportion of the TV event being advertising, the ad content is always highly anticipated and very much part of the experience for fans.

This is why the Super Bowl is such a unique opportunity for brands; money can’t buy earned conversation and engagement which is only possible in digital spaces. What learnings can we take away for 2017?

5 things CMOs can learn from mobile-first app brands: Part 2

The second post in a week-long series. Today, how mobile-first app brands are changing the nature of communications, particularly mobile social networks. 


Emerging social media, messaging and dating apps are encouraging users to adopt new forms of communication and content, leading to a rise in chat acronyms, Emojis, stickers and icons, hashtags, vines, image posts and vertical video streams.

The Daily Poke: Treat yourself

The Mediterranean diet is often touted as one of the healthiest out there.

Poke_Treat yourself

As long as you go easy on the ouzo. But now it’s even healthier, and even more delicious, thanks to a new range of antioxidant chocolate.

Yes, we know it’s a bit boring to bang on about antioxidants – and we’re as repulsed by goji berries as anyone with at least one working taste bud – but hear us out.