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5 content marketing predictions for 2015

Social mediaMore budget was shifted into content marketing in 2014, but next year brands will need to look at the strategy behind that investment and the results they’re getting for it.

There are several areas they might have missed; things they either need to visit or revisit; and places to consider putting test budgets in place.

We’ve identified five key trends for the coming months: Read More »

The rise of the chief data officer

CodeWhile there is a huge amount written about data scientists, much less is said about the role of the chief data officer (CDO) in our industry.

However, the value of this individual to any business must not be underestimated. In fact, Wired describes the emergence of the CDO as “a transformational change that elevates the importance of data to the top of the organisation”. Read More »

The Wall meets… Sharethrough CTO Rob Fan

DanRobOn a flying visit to the UK from San Francisco, we meet Rob Fan, chief technology officer of native advertising platform Sharethrough, to talk native advertising definitions, in-feed ads, and 2015 ad tech trends.

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Honesty is the best YouTube policy

YouTube starsRecently, it was announced that lifestyle vlogger Zoe Sugg, also known as Zoella, experienced the highest-ever first week sales for a debut writer after selling more than 78,000 copies of her book, Girl Online.

She has 6,694,359 subscribers as I write, and her own PO box. Though she wears the crown amongst influential young vloggers, there are many more just like her.

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Singapore50 celebrates a pioneering country

SingaporeI was recently presenting at a conference when I was asked what the most important thing that was going to happen in 2015 was. Without hesitating I said Singapore50 (SG50).

For such a young country like Singapore to be where it is in the world in only 50 years is truly remarkable and certainly worth celebrating. What I love about the SG50 campaign is the branding campaign all themed around the “pioneering spirit”.

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Infographic: 15 digital trends for 2015

Internet of things by Steve Jurvetson FlickrResearch by digital consultancy Bell Pottinger Digital has revealed the 15 top digital trends that are set to change the way brands communicate in 2015.

This infographic captures the most talked about trends online in 2014 and ranks them in order of percentage increase throughout the year.

The top five digital trends include: Read More »

London City Airport sends Christmas cheer #AcrossTheMiles

elfElves have installed a video booth at London City Airport where passengers and crew can record a personal message for their loved ones overseas.

After recording their video in the log cabin, the travelers are given a special code to access and share their video online.

The campaign is being backed on social media with the hashtag #acrossthemiles.

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Back to the future – the UX trends for 2015

Clock-UX-image-300x200The art of looking into a crystal ball and predicting the future is a difficult one, particularly in the fast-changing world of technology. However, a quick glance through my UX trends for 2015 shows some familiar faces.

Not that surprising really, given that UX is primarily about humans not technology – and they’ve hardly changed for millions of years.

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Why brands should spend longer writing their promoted trends

TwitterlogosOne of my more terrifying moments as a junior copywriter was being asked to write a promoted trend (aka promoted tweet/hashtag) for an FMCG client.

It scared me for a number of reasons: the cost (up to £120,000), the all-eggs-one-basket nature of the media, the knowledge it would greet Twitter users all day long – and finally, the shoulder-shrugging attitude from the client and agency.

Because a promoted trend is essentially just a single word, putting thought and craft into its creation wasn’t seen as an important exercise back then.

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6 things a programmatic advertising partner should provide

Robot by littlelostrobot FlickrProgrammatic buying is on a strong growth trajectory – with an average annual growth rate of 27% – and is set to reach $53 billion globally by 2018. While the US is leading the way – with 62% of its display-related ads purchased using this method – the UK is following suit with programmatic forecasted to account for almost half of digital display ads (47%) bought in 2014.

As brands continue to discover programmatic’s unprecedented efficiency, ability to reach targeted audiences across all devices, and potential to optimise KPIs in real-time, it is set to become the main engine in digital trading.

To maximise the benefits and achieve a healthy ROI, brands need to choose a solid programmatic advertising partner that can provide the following: Read More »