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The Daily Poke: Let the love flow

Let the love flowRumours that McDonald’s has lost that lovin’ feeling, have been greatly exaggerated. Since New Year, the world’s favourite burger chain has re-invested continuously in its long running campaign ‘I’m Lovin’ It’. (Tasty spot Damo).

Starting with a new packaging launch, and marketing around the Super Bowl, then on to the Pay With Lovin’ campaign leading up to Valentine’s Day. The love continued to spread across urban US markets to coincide with Black History Month in February.

Increasing consumer understanding through data – what it really means

Mobile dataIn digital marketing, when we talk about the big data helping us to understand consumers better, what we really mean is that if we make sense of it, we can understand consumers better.

Big data is not a solution in any way shape or form. The solution is how we use it.

Some neat examples have included Expedia taking weather feeds and maximising their mobile ad inventory spending in and around airports when weather fronts are closing in; because people in those locations will a) be using their mobiles; and b) be needing to book hotel rooms and/or alternative travel arrangements.

Infographic: Twitter Advertising’s 5th birthday

WEB_Twitter_advertising_infographicTwitter is now ubiquitous in the social networking world and many of us spend a good portion of our day on it. We even use it simultaneously while we watch TV.

Like most businesses, Twitter needed some element of revenue and so Twitter Ads were created back in April 2000. Initially they were rolled out to select partners but have now been made available to many territories worldwide.

The Daily Poke: Haute car-ture

Haute car ture 1For 67 years, the Land Rover Defender has been the vehicle that’s kept stick-in-the-mud Brits, er, not stuck in the mud. But in December 2015, bogged down by Euro-bureaucracy over emissions, the very last Defender will roll off Land Rover’s Solihull production line.

To mark the passing of this great British icon, Land Rover recently collaborated with fashion designer Paul Smith to produce a special, one-off edition. Inspired by its long-running duties with the British armed forces, the car has been painted using a palette of 27 individual colours. (But no sign of the customary olive drab, as far as we can see).

The Grand National on social media: brands fail to make an impact

WEB_Grand_National_ShutterstockWith viewing figures peaking at 8.8m, The Grand National claimed a 60.3% share of last Saturday’s TV audience in the UK. As such, it was widely discussed on social media for a variety of reasons.

The Social Media Race

Before the race, ShutTheFrontDoor had been way out front in terms of social media mentions, grabbing the media and social media limelight as AP Mcoy’s 20th and final ride in the Crabbie’s Grand National.

But as the race approached, all attention turned to Many Clouds who lead the social media race from beginning to end in real-time.

Did social media know something the bookies didn’t?


Apparently there’s some sort of election approaching. You’ve probably heard about it because you watched Buzzfeed’s Brew with David Cameron, a live-streamed interview with the PM hosted by the online news site.

leaders debate

What’s that? You didn’t watch the Brew? Well, don’t worry, you are not alone. Apparently only 12,000 people clicked in for the live interview. At least I assume they were people and not bots with a passion for politics, but you never know these days. It’s still available to watch on demand, if you can resist the other temptations on the relevant Buzzfeed webpage such as ‘Celebrities guess what Chris Pratt smells like’.

Reaction to F8 2015

f8_day1keynote (1)Facebook’s F8 developer conference delivered several interesting announcements this year.

Of the major announcements, Facebook videos becoming embeddable is, to me, the most interesting change. This is something that brands and users have clamoured for, and has been one of the biggest distinctions between Facebook and YouTube.

Awakening technology – why thinking digital first is the key to success

Mobility conceptTechnology is completely integrated with modern day life and brands need to take advantage. From Spotify, Netflix, Tidal (and many more) streaming services, to connected homes powered by thoughtful products like Nest, we don’t ‘go online’ anymore, we live there.

However with increased connectivity we’re getting increasingly impatient. We expect more interactive, immersive experiences that distil and simplify practical uses.

The Daily Poke: Art sale

Art SaleTarget. Isn’t that the store your mom used to drag you round at the weekend, searching for placemats or towels? Quite possibly. Although recently, the US household retailer has cast off its down-home image by taking over a gallery space in New York City’s artsy Chelsea Neighbourhood.

The self-styled ‘brand experiment’ Target Too takes familiar brands available from Target stores and places them in a high-tech, highly-designed environment. Greeted by a giant LEGO version of Target’s Bullseye bulldog, visitors can get selfies transformed into EOS lip balm dots, make a t-shirt with their own print on it, and design table settings inspired by the display on the wall. Tech savvy visitors can also download a mobile app that transforms murals, displays, sculptures and interactive stations into a total augmented reality experience.

Infographic: top ten surprises from BrightonSEO 2015

BrightonSEO jon earnshawBrightonSEO is one of the key industry events in the search marketing calendar. As a follow up, here’s my pick of the more surprising (and I suspect more unusual) findings from the day.