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Feminist representations through social listening

woman techWhether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, conversations surrounding feminism are expanding widely on social media.

Starting from organic discussion around feminist issues or hashtag campaigns for solidarity with causes – social media has become a space where feminism is being rapidly catalysed.

The Daily Poke: Emotikea

emoticons‘I haven’t been hoovered in weeks!’ ‘These dishes won’t do themselves!’ ‘What’s this red stuff on my new rug?!’

Ahh, the passive-aggressive ‘clean-me’ note, bane of many a flat share and family home. But it’s time to heave a huge sigh of relief, as those Swedish spreaders of homely love, IKEA, have come up with a solution to soften the blow of sending a house-related order.

No longer satisfied with filling the globe with their ubiquitous and oddly-named domestic designs, IKEA are moving in on our digital lives too. With a similarly expansive collection of 100 emoticons for smartphones everywhere.

Mother’s Day #marketingfails

bigstockMotherChildPCIs it just me, or have you noticed that nearly every brand seems to jump on the bandwagon for every nationally celebrated day that takes place? Though today, I’m writing specifically with Mother’s Day in mind.

I was particularly struck by this last year when I noticed brands such as Halfords, Epson and PureGym putting their own spin on Mother’s Day marketing.

Today’s inspirational woman: Harper Lee

harper leeIn celebration of International Women’s Day on Sunday 8 March, all this week we are asking senior industry figures who their most inspirational woman is.

Jonny Westcar, managing director of Brand Union, names To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee as his inspirational woman.

The Daily Poke: Hit the hack button

Hit the hack buttonThe Internet of Things is about to get personal. No longer a fantasy, the dream of being able to connect and control your whole cornucopia of devices is fast becoming a reality. And Spark understand that pre-programmed tasks won’t always wash with today’s hack-savvy consumer.

Introducing the Internet Button. Named with ironic simplicity worthy of Douglas Adams, it will let you organize your online life systems your way. It uses a postage stamped sized WiFi module called a Photon, which you can hack to interact with any of your other Photon-enabled devices and the internet. The possibilities are endless, and definitely personalisable.

Is your website a Neanderthal? 

NRS infographic illustrates how websites dramatically increase brand reach for publishersWebsites were the dominant species of the early digital age. But from a content marketing perspective, they look increasingly like digital Neanderthals.

Overtaken by fitter, smarter alternatives, websites are losing relevance. Unless they evolve they’ll become extinct in a communications sense. We’ll stop paying attention to them.

Is it too late for Blackberry’s return to the touchscreen mobile market?

blackberry smartphoneWith Mobile World Congress in Barcelona almost at an end, last night Blackberry chief executive John Chen surprisingly announced BlackBerry’s re-entry into the touchscreen mobile market with the ‘Leap’, joining the recent classic keyboard models, with another three variants to come in 2015.

With an estimated 1,000 smartphones being shipped globally every minute compared to nothing less than a decade ago, can Blackberry reignite enthusiasm – not only amongst new customers, but those die hard brand advocates?

Today’s inspirational woman: Vonnie Alexander

Vonnie AlexanderIn celebration of International Women’s Day on Sunday 8 March, all this week we are asking senior industry figures who their most inspirational woman is.

Tracey Barber, Havas Helia’s group chief marketing officer, has chosen Kitcatt Nohr’s Vonnie Alexander.

The Daily Poke: Chat in the checkout LINE

Chat in the checkout LINEEvery month, 181 million people chatter away on their much-loved LINE app. Only they’re not just babbling about how dehydrated there are, whether they need another cappuccino or have a craving for yakisoba, they are getting their groceries delivered at the same time. As long as it’s just bottled water, coffee and instant noodles they need, currently at least. (THX Tim.)

7 things you need to know about LinkedIn’s new advertiser solutions

linkedin is ten years old this weekLinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 347m users. Professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second, so getting your advertising right can pay dividends.

LinkedIn’s new advertiser solutions tools is a big deal for the platform, which in the past has struggled to meet the needs of the modern b2b advertiser. A friend who works at LinkedIn reliably informs me that it has spent the last six weeks training its staff on this new platform, so it is clearly something everyone is taking very seriously.

What does the savvy marketer need to know about LinkedIn’s new ad tools? I’ve distilled things into seven easy points.