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Smartphone dominance is here; marketers must shift their approach

smartphones by Yutaka Tsutano/FlickrYesterday marked the 20th anniversary of Yahoo being incorporated as a company. While it’s amazing to think how much the internet has evolved and changed in the last two decades it’s even more exciting to look forward.

Coincidentally, yesterday also marked the start of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where the tech world is focused on the unstoppable rise of mobile, which is bringing about smartphone dominance.

User activity has shifted to mobile across the globe with users now spending more time on mobile devices than PCs.

7 steps to combatting ad fraud

keyboardThe advertising industry is rapidly evolving and it’s predicted that digital ad spend will reach £8 billion in 2015. However, the industry must confront an uncomfortable dirty secret – the epidemic that is digital ad fraud.

Digital ad fraud has been found to account for up to 36% of digital ad impressions – impressions which are served but never seen by a human. The good news is that advertisers and publishers alike are beginning to accept that an issue exists, and we are now working together to detect and tackle fraudulent inventory.

So, what are the seven steps companies can take to protect themselves?

TV goes back to the future 

Marty McFlyMarty McFly, when faced with a tricky situation, often described it as “heavy”. When Marty finds himself in 1955 and Doc Emmett Brown tells him that the girl who will become his mother fancies him, Marty says “Whoa. This is heavy”. Doc takes him literally. “Why are things so heavy in the future?” he asks. “Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?”

Why am I telling you this? Well, to be honest, it is mainly to delay the detailed statistical analysis of the BARB data for 2014 that follows. This is my first blog for Thinkbox and inevitably it was going to feature lots of numbers, so I needed a way in that would keep you with me for at least one paragraph before you nod off.

But it is relevant: there is a bit about the past and future – and heaviness.

The Daily Poke: Locker room groomer

Locker room groomerIt’s official. The days of lingering suggestively over your lingerie at the laundrette are well and truly over. As is having to dash to the dry cleaner in an already overloaded day. Right now, it’s all about the locker, and 24/7 laundry services.

This American concept has made its way to Amsterdam, where new venture Bubble&Stitch offers text message ordering, app notifications and swipe card payments on its laundry lockers. (Tidy tip-off, Damo.)

5 tips for creating value from raw data

Databigstock-300x200Our world is obsessed with data, but run by human emotions. But data and creativity don’t need to be at loggerheads.

Here are five tips for successfully combining your gut instinct with raw data to unlock value:

4 make-or-break rules for personalisation

Tesco1Brands are working harder than ever to personalise their websites, apps and all other communications. And the leaders of the pack are sturdy consumer brands, such as Tesco and Pizza Hut.

Even the best, however, aren’t yet using their full potential. Here are their four essential tips for personalisation:

What brands can learn from THAT dress

dressThe internet has been split down the middle by a dress.

Fuelled by Twitter, offices and families all around the world have been arguing about whether it is white and gold, or blue and black. No matter how hard people try, they are unable to see it the same way as the person next to them.

There’s a relatively simple reason behind this.

The Daily Poke: Love lollies

Love lolliesWhat were you doing this time last week? Weeping onto your woefully empty doormat? Proudly parading a posy around the office? Or simply keeping your head down till the commercial kack-cascade was over? If you’re in the wine or sweetie business you were probably counting your tooth-stainingly sweet profits.

Seeing as the consumption of confectionary and corked alcohol takes a massive surge on Valentine’s Day, what better way to cash in on the tradition than to combine the two? That’s just what Union Wine Co. Wines and QUIN Candy have done, in a joint, artisanal, all-natural sweet shop.

How advertisers can be more relevant on Facebook

Facebook adsFor the Mark Zuckerburgs of this world, there has always been an uncomfortable friction between connecting the world and getting paid to do it.

To exploit the vast amount of data they own, platforms turn to marketers, offering them the opportunity to engage with their customers in ever-more meaningful ways. Ad revenue is invariably the means for social networks to justify the billion dollar valuations placed on them by investors.

Can the Chelsea FC brand ever be globally admired?

Chelsea FCIt must be a nightmare being the brand director of Chelsea Football Club.

No sooner do you recover from one crisis that affects the brand perception then you’re propelled into another one, none of which is helped by the management. Is the Chelsea Football brand too toxic to ever be as popular globally as the Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona or Real Madrid no matter its success?

Last week brought revelations of Chelsea fans in Paris twice stopping a black man from getting on a train before their match with Paris Saint Germain (PSG). This was coupled with chants of “we are racists”. Unfortunately for them the whole incident was filmed and The Guardian took great delight in using this to highlight how racist Chelsea and football in general still is.