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The changing dynamic of Cannes Lions

WEB_Cannes_Innovation_2015Technology platforms that support digital advertising always have been an intrinsic part of delivering marketing communications and creative innovation. However, it’s only now that these technology vendors have really burgeoned into a prominent part of the festival in their own right, hence the addition of the two-day event, Cannes Lions Innovation – focused on data, technology, and of course creativity.

In today’s digital arena and with an increasing shift in focus towards advertising technology and data, has the rise of new developments in digital advertising technology dampened the creative celebration that has made Cannes such a noteworthy event, and how does technology fit into the key festival tradition?

Battle of the social supermarkets: Aldi tops Digital Contact Talkability Tracker

image_2_store-2Today (1 July) big data product company Digital Contact published its latest Digital Contact Talkability Tracker, looking at the most talked about UK supermarkets online via millions of pieces of online data.

Measured over a five-day period, between 24-28 June, the report found Tesco topped the conversation list of supermarket’s online presence. However, it wasn’t all good news for the supermarket giant, as 15% of tweets received by Tesco were negative and 73% higher than average. Digital Contact attributed this to the incident caused by their placing of bacon-flavoured Pringles in the Ramadan offer.

OpenRTB 2.3 unlocks the creativity of programmatic native

native adThe arrival of the OpenRTB 2.3 standard ushers in a major change in the digital advertising space, opening up programmatic trading for native ads for the very first time. It also heralds a new dawn where programmatic is taken seriously as a creative advertising force.

The real difference between programmatic trading of display/video and native advertising is the addition of metadata. Unlike video and digital banners, which constitute a single ad unit file, native adverts generally include multiple elements: typically a headline, thumbnail image, description, brand name and logo. OpenRTB 2.3 means these additional pieces of information can be added programmatically for the first time.

Why digital display ad fraud is a big opportunity for independent agencies

preventing fraud picOver the years, the challenges for independent digital specialist agencies have been widely varied, from losing revenue such as the Google kicker, to being undercut by big network agencies on fees in order to keep everything under one roof.

So with the advent of huge programmatic ad technologies capable of managing display ad spend algorithmically, layering in all kinds of data to ensure that only your target market get to see your ads; the role of a digital specialist as a guide to help you navigate the myriad of online marketing options looked to have further eroded.

The Daily Poke: Sci-fi sneakers

Sci-fi sneakersThe idea of trainers changing colour at the touch of a button sounds like an idea straight from your favourite sci-fi movie. But +rehabstudio, a creative technology company based in Shoreditch, believe that this kind of ‘sneaker hack’ is the not-so-distant future of smart tech materials.

The Shift Sneaker revolves around the concept that instead of buying one pair of trainers, why not have access to millions? Malleable flexi-screens have the ability to glow and display animated designs, while thermochromatic fabrics use micro reactions to change colour according to temperature. The look and function of the trainers can be controlled through a mobile app, with different packs available for running, cycling and selfie enthusiasts.

Meeting the ‘new consumer’: Brands that Cannes, will

1R cannes lions2For the 62nd year, the advertising community descended on the French Riviera for seven days of creativity and innovation at Cannes Lions last week. In recent years, the ‘mobile consumer’ has been a hot topic, but in 2015, the industry noted a fresh concept – the ‘new consumer.’

According to Fetch, it’s no longer about the device, but rather the individual. The point here is that brands need to listen to today’s consumers and get to know them in order to really connect; it’s time to look beyond the numbers and devices and meet the person.

It’s not just about being better, but about being good: Cannes Lions Innovation Festival day two

cannesThe debate around how much the Festival had changed this year rumbled through the Cannes Lions Innovation Festival. The line of ad tech sponsored yachts became known as AdTech Row, but this reflected very different views as it was a disparaging term for some, but for others it was a term of recognition about the impact technology is having on advertising.

Like it or not, there was no denying the technology revolution had an impact at Cannes. You knew there was change in the air when car insurance firm Geico’s ‘Unskippable: Family’ pre-roll video won a Grand Prix. It was a brilliant demonstration of how creatives are adapting their skills and thinking as fast as the media channels are evolving – with great creative ideas being made even better through the use of technology. 

Digital campaigns to watch: Boots, Pampers, Lego and Red Bull

use-20150522092650771When you have a brand as big as Boots, Pampers, Lego or Red Bull, it can be tempting to ride the wave of your brand equity and loyal audience. But despite their heritage, they know how important it is not to rest on your laurels and continuously aim for new ways of keeping your brand fresh.

Below we highlight how these four brands have added an audience-focussed edge to their marketing through specially targeted content.

Predictably human

WEB_Creative_Data_LionsPoor old Bob Gaskins. I am sure the torture of sitting through 100-plus pages of incoherent and impenetrable charts and graphs was not at the forefront of his mind when he invented PowerPoint in 1987. But over the last 28 years that is the monster he brought into the world, like a naïve Victor Frankenstein armed with clipart and half a dozen random mismatched fonts.

Data analytics presentations are simultaneously overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. Too much information; not enough insight. For many the adage, boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror, accurately describes the experience of going through the latest data analysis findings.

The Daily Poke: Selective hearing is ‘Here’

Selective hearing 1As if social media wasn’t bad enough, the commute home can be a minefield of walking spoilers. If we had a pound for every time a total stranger ruined Game of Thrones then we’d definitely give that small fortune to Doppler Labs’ latest Kick Starter campaign.

Here Active Listening is the latest addition in the developing trend of wearable technology. ‘Here’ includes two wireless ear buds and an app, turning your mobile into a remote control so you can adjust anything from the EQ of a live concert to the frequencies of jet engines. This ‘hearable‘ system provides a customisable real-life sound experience, filtering out the everyday noise you don’t want and enhancing the sounds you do.