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How is Twitter video set to impact brands?

twitter officeTwitter’s announcement this week that it will be launching a new video function allowing users to film, edit and post video clips confirms that 2015 is set to be the year of video.

But what does this move tell us, and, more importantly, what do these changes signify for marketers faced with a fast evolving digital landscape? Read More »

2015 is the year for video advertising

Play button, photo by Martin Kenny:FlickrAt the start of each year most of us naturally seek to do a bit of crystal ball gazing. For online marketers this is especially important.

Being able to accurately predict how the ad market will unfold in the year ahead can often make the difference between boom and bust, writes Eliav Moshe, senior VP of mobile at Dmg Media.

However, for 2015, the picture is actually a lot clearer than in previous years. The dominant trends online marketers saw last year, principally the continuation of the rise of mobile and the establishment of video advertising, are likely to gather more pace over the next 12 months.

Turning to video, 2015 is going to be defined by better content, increased competition and a war against fraud. Read More »

Infographic: The strategy behind Google’s most costly acquisitions

Google has launched enhanced campaigns, what does it meanBetween January 2012 and January 2014, Google spent more on acquisitions that its five biggest competitors combined. It bloody loves shopping.

But ever wondered why it went after the likes of Nest, YouTube and AdMob? And what, pray, does it have its eye on next? Read More »

4 native advertising predictions

nativeFollowing the hype of native advertising in 2014, here are some insights into what to expect from native in 2015 as the industry matures. Read More »

5 steps to boosting ROI on Google Shopping

G shoppingGoogle Shopping is a key part of the marketing mix for most e-commerce businesses.

Thanks to Google’s continuing dominance of search (it currently has an 88% share of the UK market), this channel accounts for a huge proportion of revenues for many companies. Read More »

Selfie and Internet of Things see huge spike in design search trends

Shutterstock double exposureBreakout digital trends saw the biggest rise in image searches in 2014, that’s according to Shutterstock’s latest ‘Creative Trends’ report released this week.

The report reveals the key downloads and searches made by marketers, advertisers, designers, art directors, filmmakers, and bloggers from Shutterstock’s library of images, video clips, and music tracks. Read More »

4 trends that will shape the future of email marketing

Apple WatchThe rise of mobile has increased email marketing’s standing amongst digital marketers. And once the Apple Watch is out, the humble email will be one of the best ways to reach consumers with your marketing messages.

Keeping it simple is key, writes Sharon Jennings, digital marketing consultant at CACI, who shares her top four predictions for future trends in email marketing.

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A State Of Trance – the ultimate multi-channel music brand

armin-van-buuren-msg-2014-by-letkemann-650Armin Van Buuren’s amazing music superbrand A State of Trance (ASOT) celebrates 700 shows this week with a massive show and celebratory events in Sydney and Melbourne.

What started as a dance genre has become a multi level marketing operation unparalleled in global music for the strength of it’s brand, loyalty of its fans, variety of its interactive aspects and longevity of it’s brand strength.

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Mobile, not wearable tech, will have its moment in 2015

smartphones by Blake Patterson/FlickrFor a few years now, brands, marketers and advertisers have been patiently waiting for the pivotal moment when wearable technology is embraced by mainstream consumers, excited by the prospect of all the customer data that can mined from these devices and they have reasons to be enthusiastic.

Unfortunately, it seems this pivotal moment is still some way off, writes Geoff Gower of Ais London. Read More »

Why native needs metrics all of its own

Tape measure by Randen PedersonNative is hailed as the answer to engaging banner-blind, content-hungry consumers. But marketers still need to be able to prove its value.

As native adoption increases, it is clear that traditional display performance metrics are inadequate for measuring the success of this format.

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