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Miu Miu was so digitally close, yet so far…

Mui muiFashion brands are known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to promoting the next season’s must-haves, and the next big trend to hit the catwalk world is definitely turning heads.

In a bid to boost seasonal advertising campaigns, brands have turned to short films as a unique way to promote their brand. As a creative and artistic advertising tool that is gathering momentum amongst the fashion elite, will it successfully strike a chord with consumers?

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Sponsored: How did a 24-year-old student score in the top 10% of best ads?

CokeThis article is brought to you by our partners eYeka

Energy and refreshment are two of the core feelings Coca-Cola has been inspiring for decades. Yet it has become increasingly challenging to communicate these feelings in an ever-original fashion, keeping the brand fresh and providing local markets with impactful campaign materials.

We challenged the eYeka community of creators to tell us what energizing refreshment means to them. In three months, we received 474 video entries from 72 countries. Read More »

Why money does grow on trees for millennials

Girls texting millenialsSustainability – it’s the thing one in three millennials most value in a money brand. The majority of younger millennials (those lucky enough to fall between 18- and 24-years-old) even value it over both low price and (are you sitting comfortably?) digital experience.

Don’t get me wrong – digital is still vitally important to these guys, but our recent research into UK millennials and finance threw up several other themes that we just weren’t expecting to see on their wishlists. It seems that maybe, just maybe, millennials are more traditional than we think. Read More »

Customer experience changes brand perception

bad-customer-service-poor-business-lose-money-singapore-service-academyAccording to a recent survey in Singapore, 60% of people who suffer from bad service never complain. That means that for every four people who complain, another six are just as angry but never tell you about it.

This is a staggering number and should be a big worry for everyone in the customer experience sectors in Singapore and those who market the applicable brands.

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Do you need to be a certain ‘type’ of person to work in marketing?

PeopleThe ultimate goal of those working in marketing is to promote a product and generates sales, but what does it take?

Earlier this year, Brand Republic asked readers to complete an online personality survey from PCL that identified the key personality traits and skills required to work in the marketing profession. The results are in.

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What can Dapper Laughs tell us about our own brands?

Dapper LaughsUnless you’ve been on a remote island for the past week you would have no doubt heard about the rise and dramatic fall of Daniel O’Reily, aka comedian Dapper Laughs, writes Paul Sandey, brand and marketing manager at Carphone Warehouse.

The question is: what can brands learn from the experience? What can this teach us about positioning, targeting and building a brand that is ready for the consumer? 

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Infographic: Vine vs Vimeo

VineDid you know that five Vines are tweeted every second? Or Vimeo has 170 million monthly viewers? Or that Vine’s top user is Naish Greir from Greensboro, North Carolina with 9.8 million followers?

One Productions‘ infographic compares and contrasts the differences between Vine and Vimeo from launch stage to present day, including ownership, turnover and user demographics. Read More »

Lights, camera, innovation! How digital is driving cinema-going

cinema by Humberto Marum on FlickrAs more people watch films online through subscription services viewing long-form content on devices has become a daily habit.

At Yahoo we conducted entertainment research to look at whether this trend for consuming films online is impacting on cinema’s footfall in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

The great news for movie studios is that it’s not an either or consumption pattern – our research reveals that it’s the same audience who use online streaming services who are more likely to buy tickets to the movies (14% more likely). They engage with content whatever size the screen. Read More »

Brands need to change the conversation

Mad Men: Don DraperMad Men’s leading man Don Draper’s maxim – “if you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation” – really stands the test of time. Brands are now controlled and shaped by consumers, and being part of this conversation is critical for brand success.

The problem is that far too many brands have misunderstood the point of this conversation economy.

Yes, they are creating relevant and interesting activity, but most are simply joining the conversation. Given that organic reach on Facebook has reached a lowly 1-2%, being engaging has never been more important – and that means changing the conversation. Read More »

Watch: A-listers go mad for M&C creative team

M&c Saatchi creativesSick of being endorsed by people they have never worked with on LinkedIn, creative duo Matt Roach and David Lawrie, at M&C Saatchi London, found a cleverer way to promote themselves – with a compilation of celebrities apparently recounting their experiences of working with the guys.

Using their ‘uncreative names’ to their advantage, the duo trawled YouTube for clips of stars speaking highly of famous people called Matt or Dave, such as Matt Damon, David Beckham, and Doctor Who actors Matt Smith and David Tennant. Read More »