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Is Coca-Cola big, bad and stupid?

coca-cola lifeCoca-Cola is the giant of the soft drinks industry, yet the original mass marketer with the distribution reach of God has received quite a bit of negative press lately: carbonated soft drinks are losing their fizz with volumes down and profits harder to maintain. On top of this, it seems that the Coca-Cola Company has become the company we all love to hate.

It’s Coca-Cola’s fault we are obese. It’s Coca-Cola’s fault that our kids are out of control and high on preservatives. It’s Coca-Cola’s fault our rivers are polluted with empty bottles. It’s Coca-Cola’s fault our teeth are rotten. It’s Coca-Cola’s fault we don’t understand what “in moderation” means. Big, bad Coca-Cola. 

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The rise of the feed (why native is here to stay)

Social media and the prevalence of smart phones has led to the explosion of content creation. Mobile content consumption has subsequently rocketed over the last 12 months, with mobile traffic growing seven times quicker than desktop growth, up to 30.2 million uniques in 2014 [Ofcom August 2014].

The types of content have also evolved into different formats, supported by an ever-growing number of platforms; for example, short form video with Vine; long form video with YouTube and Vimeo; short form text with Twitter and long form text with medium.

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Doing our best for social good

social goodTwo recent announcements show the continued rise of social good on the business agenda, yet they also highlight clear differences as to how companies manifest their desire to help when it comes to action.

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) recently published research showing the rise of charitable donations by the FTSE 100 rising by £1.2bn since 2007, whilst last week Unilever announced a long-term partnership with the Department for International Development to improve the health and economic prospects of people in developing countries.

The former focuses on a short-term transactional approach of donation; the latter, a long-term participatory approach where the company is actively engaging in solving a global challenge.

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The marketing world after Atlas

facebook atlasIn today’s digital world, new online marketing innovations, platforms and concepts are announced on a weekly basis. The latest big change that brands and marketers are facing is the relaunch of Facebook’s ad platform, Atlas. Atlas is aimed at gaining maximum value out of social and mobile customers. Specifically, certain features attempt to bridge the marketing gap between online and offline users to secure better ROI for marketing/ad campaigns.

Atlas boasts an array of new features including tools to let advertisers refine their ad targets around ‘likes’ and consumer interest in apps and third-party websites. It allows marketers to see if a product was purchased on a different platform after viewing an ad on a mobile device, and the ability to create better cross-channel advertising campaigns. Read More »

What do Instagram sponsored ads mean for brands?

InstagramAs of 23 September Instagram has started serving brand sponsored ads on its platform to users in the UK. Its approach to the roll out is refreshingly sedate, only allowing a small number of hand-picked brands to participate, following strict guidelines for both content and frequency of posts.

But what does this ultimately mean for the platform? I think we all understood in April 2012 when Facebook paid $1 billion to bring Instagram into its fold that this wasn’t going to be a free ride and at some point the platform was going to have to sing for its supper. Are the introduction of ads, and the new revenue stream they bring with them, justification for the hefty price tag spent on its acquisition?

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My role in “Meet Me in Starbucks”

starbucks01eI am delighted to have played a leading role in the new global Starbucks campaign “Meet Me in Starbucks” which launches tomorrow. This is how it came about. Read More »

NFC: No more excuses

NFCNear Field Communication (NFC) technology has received a somewhat tepid reception; with some analysts asking if NFC was a dead tech. However, the announcement of the Apple iPhone 6 seems to have buoyed the NFC believers.

If there is one brand that can make a technology “cool”, then Apple are the masters. So what impact will Apple’s announcement have for the future of NFC technology? Read More »

Sponsored: Mobile is approaching its tipping point

smartphoneThis article is brought to you by our partners The Association of Online Publishers

Mobile will hit the tipping point on 4 December this year.

That’s the date on which Google recently predicted search queries from mobile will overtake those from desktops. In other areas that tipping point has already been reached. At the recent AOP Forum on mobile advertising, The Guardian’s head of mobile and video Lee Fels revealed that, at weekends, up to 70% of the traffic to The Guardian’s football section comes from mobile. Read More »

Roadblock on the big data highway

Databigstock-300x200Big data was supposed to be the next big thing but while a few brands are exploiting it, many are not even ready to try.

The fact is most companies are still not ready, there is critical housekeeping to do first. The key task facing most marketing directors is getting their existing data into order. That means investing in data consolidation and developing clearly defined measurement norms.

Only then will they be ready to move on and start mining external big data sources for additional information. Read More »

Sponsored: A marriage made in Shoreditch: Why Unilever wants London’s tech talent

Marc Mathieu003 (1)This article is brought to you by our partners ad:tech London

From Old Street’s Silicon Roundabout to West London’s Triangle, the capital’s much lauded tech scene continues to excite entrepreneurs, investors and politicians alike as we vie with the likes of San Francisco and Tel Aviv to become the world’s premier digital city.

Brands are the latest entrants to the tech party with global players investing serious capital in the technologies that will give their products and marketing the edge. Enthusiasm for ‘madtech’ (marketing and advertising technology) among brands is at an all-time high as social media, mobile and a data innovation lead a revolution of the marketing industry. Read More »