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How to get your brand ‘EURO-ready’

According to Kantar Media’s most recent SportScope* study into consumer interest around different sports, almost half of the UK population, a whopping 23.1 million people, consider themselves football followers.

Mobile data

And of those followers, as many as 48.8% define themselves as either “extremely” or “very” interested in the EUROs in particular.

That means a very lucrative opportunity, and enormous audience, for brands this summer.

For marketers hoping to tap into the impending ‘football fever’, here are some valuable considerations.

Old-fashioned tender processes have no place in digital procurement

The software procurement process is fundamentally flawed.


It’s a waste of time and I’d go as far to say that neither the buyer nor the supplier ever really get the result they are looking for, says Steve Peters at Code Computerlove.

I hold this view as a digital director who’s dealt with a fair number of tender processes over the years and, while I understand why the process is still in use (despite it simply being a legacy of traditional advertising), I just feel it’s time to urge businesses to reconsider how they ‘buy digital’.

In fact I’m urging business to think differently about digital within an organisation all together.

So what’s the problem?

5 ways that Twitter can improve and strengthen active user numbers

Five ways that Twitter can improve and strengthen active user numbers following the recent news that their user base stalled for the first time in Q4 of 2015. By Dom Moriarty, head of social at Passion Digital.


Make dead accounts available again

There’s been many occasions when wanting to create account for a new client or specific campaign where the ideal account name is taken by an account which has either never posted anything or the last tweet was years ago.

The Daily Poke: The impossible project

poke_The impossible projectPhotographic material producers, The Impossible Project, famously met at a Polaroid Factory closing event, where made it their mission to save Polaroid’s type-600 film from extinction.

It would appear the pair have succeeded, and given the film a new lease of life by homing it in their new camera, the L-1.

The importance of video content in the consumer purchase journey

As the memory of Ad Week Europe 2016 fades into the sunset, many across the industry are still debating one of the most controversial hot-topics to have emerged from the week which saw Google put TV advertising in its crosshairs.


In a much anticipated presentation, top-ranking European Google executive, Matt Brittin unveiled a report analysing ad campaigns across eight countries which showed that in 80 per cent of cases, YouTube ads are more effective than TV ads in driving sales.

This is hardly a shocking statement given the exponential growth the channel has experienced in recent years, with recent updates including: Live Streaming services, 360 videos and greater cross-channel integration – to name a few.

But what is surprising, is that we’re surprised.

The Daily Poke: Dial-a-Swede

Hold the phone. To celebrate its 250th anniversary of abolishing censorship, Sweden has become the first country to launch its own phone number.


When you call up, you’ll be connected to a random Swedish ‘telephone ambassador’ (tx for calling James).

As social messaging grows, how can businesses best exploit it?

social-messagingThere are big questions looming for digital marketers with the accelerating growth of social messaging apps. Should we advertise on this platform?

Is it too personal for business or is it the best opportunity to engage with customers yet?

Snapchat has over 100 million users, Facebook Messenger has around 800 million monthly users and WhatsApp, under ownership of Facebook has 990 million users and that’s only been around since 2009.

When you understand that WhatsApp sends 30 billion messages daily, it’s clear that we are dealing with a huge, active and powerful social community.

Make way for the Centennial generation

Youth culture no longer belongs to Millennials.


There’s a new demographic on the block, and brands need to take note – and quickly.

A growing blindspot in the marketplace is the continued association of Millennials with the youth lifestyle, but it’s time to the face the facts – the era of Millennial youth marketing is over.

As Millennials quickly age out (the oldest now being in their mid-30s) a new generation of youth – Centennials – is moving in and bringing a decidedly different dynamic to the market, one that will create new rules for the marketplace and have influence beyond their size and years.

The Daily Poke: Wash share

We’ve all had a housemate who hogs the washing machine, or leaves their clothes in there for days on end till they start to go fusty.

poke_Wash share

With services such as WeLive and communal living becoming more popular, household appliances designed to support co-living, could really clean up.

Designed by Kyumin Han, Quinque is a new concept for a washing machine that comes with two chambers.

Rise of the chatbot

The rise of the chatbot and the fall of the app-based economy have recently taken centre stage, thanks in large part to Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook was opening up Messenger to third-party bots.


The potential for brands to interact with users at the same level they do with their peers is immense. As Kik’s Ivar Chan says, “In a world where messenger apps have surpassed social networks, companies need to expand their digital presence to these greenfield pastures.”

OK, he’s a partner at a leading chatbot specialist, so he does have a dog in the fight… but he’s also right. This isn’t about bots and artificial intelligence, this is about ubiquity of messaging as platform.