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Pinterest misses opportunity to monetise the ‘discovery’ nature of its platform by denying ‘Buy Button’



According to a recent post on the Wall Street Journal, a survey of 1.5k Pinterest users earlier this year found that 52% of them used the site to ‘find items they want to buy’ and 30% confessed to having bought an item online that they had first seen on Pinterest, with 32% saying that they actually bought that item later in a shop.

Despite the huge commercial opportunity for Pinterest to monetise the ‘discovery’ nature of its platform, it was interesting to see that Eva Smith, Pinterest’s head of marketing communications and insights, was quoted as saying that the platform has “no plans to announce a buy button at this time”.

Wristbands on tour



It’s official, festival season is here and it’s time to start compiling your survival checklist, but will you need to take your wallet with you this year?

Over the last few years Barclay’s has been trialling its wearable payment wristband bPay with huge success – it made payments quicker and easier and erased the security issue of carrying cash and cards.

The Daily Poke: When logos come clean

When logos come cleanCompanies can spend millions on carefully crafting their logos and slogans in the hope they will bring customers flocking.

But when you combine the internet and a few basic photoshop skills, all bets are off, and you get the online craze of creating honest logos and slogans.

Advertising student Julien Delerue, has added to the internet’s efforts with these ads for Kleenex – reworking their logo to show exactly how their tissues are often used. It’s an honest bit of fun – rather nicely executed.

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Five steps to digital transformation



Digital transformation is everywhere. There is a huge shift in digital towards businesses that understand collaboration, connection and advocacy.

Brands need to look at their future in the new connected world, to keep pace with digital disruptors and meet consumer needs. There are a number of steps that brands can take.

Twitter’s flock to unlock: The power to drive consumer engagement

WEB_Van_Gough_NetherlandsWhen people think of visiting the Netherlands, many automatically think of Amsterdam but the country has much more to offer. As such, The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions (NBTC) wanted to create a special campaign that would leverage the occasion to mark the 125th anniversary of famed Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh’s death and promote other parts of the country, including Brabant and Gelderland – places closely related to the work and life of the post-impressionist painter.

The NBTC organised cultural events, exhibitions and tours for the occasion and the creative campaign, launched by Expedia Media Solutions, kicked off at the beginning of March. It targeted travellers from the UK, France and Germany.

The Daily Poke: Not such a throwaway idea

Not such a throwaway idea 1For those who like their Big Macs on the move, comes the aptly named BagTray from McDonald’s in Hungary.

With a sturdier, perforated bottom, this takeout paper bag doubles up as a serving tray, with plenty of space for your meal, sauces, Diet Coke and all.

Digital Shoreditch 2015: The future of things to come

(Digital Shoreditch)

(Digital Shoreditch)

Last week, some of the Fold7 team headed down to Digital Shoreditch for its ‘NEXT’ event, which explored new ideas and future technologies.

Here are four key takeouts, which got us thinking about what lies ahead.

Vlog: Connected devices with DigitasLBi

ConnectedShopping-20150423093222680Following DigitasLBi’s 2015 Connected Commerce report, we were intrigued to find out more about how connected devices will impact on digital marketing and brands in the future.

Michael Islip, UK chief executive at DigitasLBi, spoke to The Wall about the future of this as consumers are now using an average of five ‘connected’ devices in the purchase process, compared to 2.8 devices a year ago.

Islip said there is a massive opportunity for brands when it comes to connected devices, however, he explained that it wasn’t a case of the brands not driving this, but actually what the consumers want and expect. Therefore marketers must be aware of it and follow in customers’ foot steps.

The Daily Poke: Time to take gifs seriously

Time to take gifs seriouslyChannel 4 have just launched 4NewsWall – a new news site offering users a ‘wall’ of gifs. Created for 16-34-year-olds, each gif can be clicked for further reading, with links to share everything on your social channel of choice.

In response to the apathy that often comes with current affairs, the dumbing down of news for younger audiences, the sheer amount of content out there, and the hyperactive social sharing of the internet – it might be time to take gifs a little more seriously.

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The Daily Poke: Sprint through departures

sprint through departures 1Check-in, passport control, security, not to mention duty-free; we all know getting through to your departure gate can be slow going.

Well, ahead of Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games, Narita International airport has unveiled its new terminal, complete with a fitting sports theme.

Complete with genuine running track flooring and complementary, minimalist furnishings from Muji, while the interior can’t promise to make queues move faster, it certainly wins on design.

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