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5 reasons “search for” is the best call to action for brands

Magnifying glass by Theen Moy:FlickrThe era of ‘buy now’, ‘experience this’ and ‘order yours today’ in above the line advertising is over. With so many media channels for people to choose from and so much competition for attention, these traditional call to actions (CTAs) are becoming less effective – they are too obvious.

Welcome instead to the age where CTAs encourage their audiences to scrutinise and debate. The age where advertising promotes brand interaction instead of product sales. The age of ‘search for us’.

But why should you be driving customers to Google, instead of straight to your website? Read More »

Is Facebook’s ‘buy’ button the answer to marketers prayers?

facebook buy

Both Facebook and Twitter have recently announced separate e-commerce plays which will make it easier to shop online using their services. Facebook has declared they are testing a ‘buy’ button, while Twitter has acquired payment startup CardSpring.

It’s a step by both to help brands deliver a ‘last click’ which can only be a good thing as social media companies progress with their push towards improved monetisation. Nevertheless it’s come at a time when marketers are increasingly embracing social content on their digital properties and moving away from engaging with consumers inside a social network.

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Infographic: Customer engagement pays

customer engagementIt’s a question oft asked by marketers and brands alike: ‘Is this customer engagement malarky translating into actual hard cash?’

Research by Rosetta Consulting suggests it is worth putting the investment in. It found companies who follow customer engagement best practices are 2.2 times more likely to have increased market share in the past year. Read More »

4 reasons marketing to women doesn’t work

WomanMany organisations have recognised women as being an important and growing market based on factors such as income, workforce participation and influence in purchase decision-making. In the US, for example, women make more than 85% of the consumer purchases, yet only 9% of women feel that brands are effectively marketed to them. I have four concerns with current approaches to marketing to women:

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Native ads take over San Francisco

There’s a lot of industry buzz around native advertising at the moment, which Sharethrough (the US-based native publisher platform) has taken to a new level by covering a whole city with native bill boards.

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Our ‘complicated’ relationship with Facebook continues

99 days of freedomAs the ‘Facebook is invading our lives’ saga continues, new backlash campaigns are springing up to react. A Dutch movement called ‘99 Days of Freedom’ is a counter experiment that looks at what the impact could be on our moods if we left the social network altogether.

Already in the last week, 26,015 people have joined in. The campaign encourages users to join the 99 days of freedom experiment, boasting that it only takes a few minutes to join, yet saves the average user 1,683 minutes – which totals up to well over 28 hours of freedom. The non-profit will contact users after 33, 66 and 99 days to monitor users’ moods. Read More »

What to expect when you’re converging

ConvergenceWeber Shandwick recently conducted research investigating the trend of ‘hybridised’ marketing and communications functions. Ten chief communications and marketing officers (“CCMOs”) shared insights into the drivers and benefits of convergence at their organisations, as well as the challenges they faced in the process of integrating two traditionally disparate functions. Our study reveals firsthand knowledge about what to expect when integrating communications and marketing. Read More »

Fitbit and Google Glass are wearable winners

Google glassThe latest research on wearable technologies shows Fitbit, Nike Fuelband and Google Glass are leading the way within the UK market.

Social media monitoring platform Brandwatch partnered with Brilliant Noise to analyse more than eight million online conversations about wearable technology from Jan 2013 – Jul 2014. It found that year on year the conversation around wearables has exploded – increasing a staggering 190% when you compare the first quarter of last year (973,300 mentions) to that of this year (2,816,814 mentions). Read More »

Infographic: Marketing slogans over time

cokeDo you know which global drink brand’s first marketing slogan from the 1900s was ‘The Great National Temperance Beverage’? Or where the ‘Guinness is good for you’ tagline came from in 1929? In today’s infographic we look at some of the world’s most famous brands and how their marketing slogans have evolved over time.  Read More »

Taking social seriously: the real World Cup winners

Germany World CupMost tweeted, most memed, most watched on two or even three screens, most ripped to YouTube, the list of mosts goes on and on for social sharing and interaction in the World Cup (can we say World Cup now it’s over without fear of litigation? Hope so).

In any game of football there are winners and losers and those that got a right beating (sorry David Luiz but I’m sure your salary at PSG will make up for the tears). So who won on social media channels this time around?

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