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Virtual reality just got mainstream

Figure Digital imageYou will of course know by now the ins and outs of the current state of virtual reality. A month ago, it probably wasn’t even on your radar.

Facebook bought Oculus VR last month, the crowd-funded Kickstarter success behind the development of the first major virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift. For two billion dollars. Sony also recently announced its own plans to release a PlayStation-branded VR headset for gamers and PlayStation 4 owners later in 2015. These two immense news announcements alone confirm what many within the VR space have known for some time. Read More »

Beyond greenwash to greatness: big brands are turning into society’s problem-solvers

Greenwash fotdmike:FlickrThe Economist Intelligence Unit says social marketing is a top five trend for 2014 and new research says that purpose-driven messages live longest in consumers’ minds.  If your brand wants to stand-up and stand-out with purpose it’s time to re-set your ‘guff’ detector. An era of brand trouble-shooters is here and they’re putting greenwash to shame.

Big global brands like Nike and Unilever are creating rather than waiting for a better world, and are stepping outside their traditional territories to do it.  They are embracing the future with imaginative, relevant and (only time will tell) powerful results, and their consumers and competitors are responding. Can established brands be both successful and revolutionary?  They are showing us how it can be done, and are redefining greenwash as they go. Read More »

Integrating live and digital experiences

bigstock-People-In-A-Crowd-4186226With its focus on live events, emotional engagement and digital connectivity, experiential marketing might appear to be a resolutely 21st century idea. Of course it’s much older than that.

Since the dawn of civilisation people have been gathering together to try, buy and exchange goods and services. Long before the term ‘networking’ had been coined, our ancestors were building business relationships based on trust, mutual benefit and common values. Read More »

Native can be networked

Digital native - Girl with laptop (Bigstock)Native advertising paves the way for brands to be bold and proud of the content they create – and truly become publishers of quality, engaging and transparent content that wins them loyalty, engagement and revenue. But is creating a network effect for native an oxymoron in itself; how can you customise content to sit across a myriad number of websites, at scale?

Can you scale native advertising? Can you create a native advertising technology and network? The answer is yes to both. Native advertising can and is scaling. Read More »

Google Glass – an unstoppable PR masterpiece

googleglassAfter years of build up and anticipation, last week saw Google Glass going on sale in the US for 24 hours only. The much-hyped wearable tech product is still being trialled and consumers who purchased them this week are part of the beta-testing Explorer Programme. Google has yet to confirm how many of the devices were sold overall, but we do know that only the white frames sold out. In spite of this it’s been impossible to escape the hype around Google Glass.

It’s as ubiquitous as the Beckham’s and their PR allure. Ever since news about the wearable device hit the media, it’s felt like an established and viable product. But despite years of buzz, this week’s limited release in the US has been the only opportunity for consumers to get their hands on the product. So is Google Glass just a clever PR stunt that refuses to give up, or are we set to see the product go on sale worldwide? Read More »

Diesel stretch their brand like their jeans

Diesel_Successful_Living_Moroso_foscarini_Milan_09_yatzer_13You may think you know the brand Diesel but you may be surprised how far they have stretched their brand through innovative partnerships with much larger more traditional companies desperately trying to be cool.





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Why small data matters

Databigstock-300x200It seems no one buys hype faster than purveyors of the hype themselves. Maybe that’s why the idea of ‘Big Data’ has become a wildfire burning its way into every crevice of the marketing conversation. However, I’m not sure that many of us know exactly what we are talking about since the term seems to have become a catchall for everything that concerns data.

I think as marketers we love the idea of anything that’s “big”. Big must be better than small, as even kids know. This only gets stronger when combined with the idea of data. Data denotes hard facts, science and predictability. None of that “squishy, creative nonsense,” but the kind of marketing engineering that corporate mechanics yearn for: a marketing machine with all the risk taken out and replaced by technology. Ah, if only it were true. Read More »

Does your marketing data speak the same language as your business?

Tape measure by Randen PedersonMeasuring marketing performance has never been more important, yet many marketers only review results once a campaign has ended, rather than evaluating throughout. As a result, it can be easy for marketers to become sidetracked and miss valuable, actionable insights. Given today’s advanced analytic tools, it is possible to quantify marketing performance as part of an ongoing process to ensure any activity aligns with your business objectives.

Seven out of ten (70%) marketers report that their marketing efforts are under greater scrutiny than they were in the past. Challenged to align marketing strategies with the objectives of the business as a whole, they need to prove that campaigns are delivering consistent results against specific goals. At the same time, they need to ensure that the organisation is willing and able to take action on the insights being generated by marketing measurement, so that resources can be focused on strategies that deliver the best returns for the business

To meet these challenges, marketers need to put in place a robust goal-based measurement framework. By implementing the following five steps in the planning stages of a campaign, marketers can ensure they are utilising resources effectively and providing the optimum ROI for their brand: Read More »

Hottest virals: World’s toughest job, plus kids react to Walkmans

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 09.50.58

The Pillion Trust is a small, frontline charity tackling poverty in London and their ingenious “Fuck The Poor?”hidden camera video is a controversial and thought-provoking social experiment which challenges our attitude to inequality.


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Viewability in focus – a workable model

Magnifying glass by Theen Moy:FlickrThe topic of viewability shouldn’t be a new one to most digital advertisers – after all, what could be more essential than ensuring that a consumer had the opportunity to actually view an ad – but this week’s announcement by the IAB of viewability standards for display advertising is a major step forward for the industry.

Measurability has long been cited as one of the key strengths of digital advertising, but until recently, technology has been unable or unreliable in helping advertisers understand if their ads are actually seen. Multiple factors impact ad viewability – from ad unit positioning, to page load times, to outright fraudulent practices – and the industry has come a long way in terms of providing more transparency and accountability around impressions. Read More »