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How can brands turn ‘likes’ into love?

Finding Love - The Wall picWith over 1.5 million apps vying for your heart in Apple’s App Store alone, there are likely a handful of digital experiences you’ve fallen for. We freely toss around love for Twitter, Game of Thrones, Google Maps or whatever else is trending. We can’t help it, we love to love.

When it comes to our hearts however, we aren’t as uninhibited. The likes, pluses, stars and hearts continue piling up, but is the love of a brand’s million followers, or the adoration of hundreds of thousands of passionate cat video fans, the same as the love we feel for each other?

The Daily Poke: Don’t turn away from domestic violence

Don't turn awayThe bruised face of a woman is a pretty startling representation of domestic violence. But the new outdoor campaign for Women’s Aid developed by WCRS is more than just a shock tactic. The billboard incorporates facial recognition technology that registers when people are looking at the image. This in turn triggers a series of messages along the bottom of the ad urging passers-by not to turn a blind eye. As more people take notice, the bruises on the woman’s face start to fade.

Google’s new mobile rankings – what it means for going global

WEB_mobile_phoneOn 21 April, Google will update its algorithm to favour mobile-optimised pages. Google has stated that the update will affect “all searches in all languages”, and that the update will have a “significant impact” on search results.

From that date, pages which are optimised for mobile devices will perform better in searches from mobile devices; and those not optimised for mobile devices will perform worse.

The Daily Poke: A whisky that speaks to you

A whisky that speaks to youWhen your whiskey starts sending you messages, you might think it’s time to ease off on the hard stuff. But it’s OK. You’re not caught up in a 21st Century re-make of The Lost Weekend. Global drinks manufacturer Diageo is prototyping a new kind of label for Johnnie Walker Blue Label – one that allows it to communicate directly with consumers.

Digital Spotlight: Kids Read Mean Tweets

kids-20150323112052184A recent campaign from The Canadian Safe School Network mimicked US talkshow host’s Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ format to raise awareness around cyberbullying.

Jacob Greer from Canadian creative agency John St talked to The Wall how the digital-focused campaign was more than just about getting a YouTube video to go viral.

How both brands and employees can benefit from online advocacy

WEB_Maz_Nadjm_SoAmpliFor most organisations, regardless of their size, social media engagement has become a fundamental channel to communicate with the outside world. It provides an innovative vehicle to deliver customer service, marketing campaigns, promotions etc.

If until recently it was all about ‘being present’ on social media, now it is about the engagement which helps your brand/company have a competitive advantage. Some organisations have known this for a while, they created social media departments and started using engagement platforms.

How the cool digital generation connects with the world’s oldest advertising medium

WEB_NEW_Daft_Punk_giant_posterYou might think that if advertisers are going to break through to young, cool and fashionable groups they need to use the latest technology and trendiest advertising media to have a chance of getting their message across.

Yet while digital is of course proving immensely popular, it’s clear that smart advertisers are now looking at a wider range of media options , including out-of-home – the oldest medium in the world.

The Daily Poke: Smartier healthier

Smartier healthierAs kids, we were naturally competitive. A typical contest would involve taking a full tube of Smarties and upending it into an open mouth without spilling, laughing or choking. Clearly, it was a less health-conscious time. Marking an end to such sport, Nestlé Canada is currently redesigning Smarties’ packaging to encourage consumers to dish out the sweets in smaller, and therefore healthier portions.

Is Apple about to be given a bloody nose by the real watchmakers?


At this year’s Baselworld watch fair in Switzerland, smartwatches were in abundance fusing the traditional with the modern. But are traditional luxury brands running scared of the impending Apple Watch, or just being coy and know that those of us that like our watches will never succumb to the mundane?

In a market where Swiss watches make up just under 3% of the market but over 50% of its value, the fight is on and something tells me it’s going to be good.

Does digital advertising need to advertise itself?

Word cloud concept illustration of media advertising glowing light effectAd Week is an opportunity to revel in the impressive calibre of work that the ad industry produces. However, the production of first-class work can only be sustained if we continue to attract the best talent.

It would be foolhardy to take this for granted. Advertising isn’t the only sector seeking the brightest and best. It needs to compete with the high salaries of banking, the intellectual rigour of academia and the creative appeal of the arts.