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What’s next for Twitter?

TwitterTwitter bounced back from a rough start to 2014 with a positive array of Q2 results, reporting stronger-than-expected financials and continued user growth. But what are Twitter’s next steps to further monetise the platform and stand strong amongst its competitors?

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Wearable tech would benefit from an haute couture approach

Google glass fashionFigures from CCS Insight suggest that sales of smart wearable devices are going to rocket from 9.7m last year to 135m in 2018. This is predicted to include 68m smart watches and 50m smart bands. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the figures will prove accurate, though the claims don’t seem especially well-supported as there’s a lot that has to change between now and then if this massive boost in smart wearables is going to happen.

Primarily, the creators of smart wearable tech need to ensure they’re actively catering to a key market when it comes to setting trends, the fashion industry.

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4 brands that get user-generated content

social mediaBrands are increasingly turning to user-generated content as a means to market their product and message. As social media provides a platform for consumer-to-consumer conversation, brands are realising that they need to communicate in new ways to shape these discussions. They also understand that consumers don’t have to be passive receivers of content, that in fact with the right marketing campaign, they can be made active – generating and distributing content themselves.

For organisations that employ a strategy of ‘attitude branding’, user-generated content can also be an effective means of communicating their personalities. Red Bull is one of the best known brands to make use of this, associating itself with a purpose and an experience via extreme sports. This brand strategy has given weight to Red Bull’s new iPhone app – Flow.

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Cath Kidston social push asks ‘do you like yours big or small?’

Jo Whiley for Cath KidstonCath Kidston’s ‘Do You Like Yours Big or Small?’campaign wants to know what you keep in your handbag, as part of a digital push to encourage engagement across social media.

Fans of the brand are being asked to photograph the contents of their bags and share the results, using the hashtag #totesbig or #totessmall, depending on their chosen style.

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Oxford English Dictionary adds 10 ad tech words

Dictionaries by mrpolyonymous FlickrYou know when the industry you work in is making an impact on the wider consumer world when you hear that the vocabulary you and your peers use at work every day has been acknowledged by the Oxford English Dictionary.

Last week a series of ad tech related words and phrases made the big league. ‘Sentiment analysis’, ‘second screen’, ‘responsive’ and ‘clickbait’ were included in the’s yearly announcement of new official words. For me, this highlights the fact that as business and technology evolve consumers are becoming evermore ‘tech-savvy’, which is great. Read More »

Our glorious summer of sport 2014 – The medal winners

BBC SportWhilst it didn’t start well for our British sports men and women on their various fields of dreams, this summer has given us some real highs and some truly terrible lows. It certainly must have tested the mettle of the brands responsible for making the many aspects of modern sport possible.

With so many sponsors, federations, nations, teams, venues and media brands clambering for credit, which of the plethora of sports brands are basking in the warm glory of success?

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Turning car brands into screen icons

cinema by Humberto Marum on FlickrHonda’s recent move to develop its own YouTube channel reflects a growing trend amongst brands to develop their own content, and was borne out of a desire to move beyond traditional advertising. While the decision to develop rich, bespoke content should be roundly applauded, perhaps there are additional formats to showcase such content and maximise Honda’s efforts.

According to the FAME (Film Audience Measurement Evaluation) study, which delves into the demographic make-up of UK cinemagoers, young professionals are the core target audience for car brands. Tellingly, when these findings are coupled with research from the freshly published 2014 BFI Yearly Statistical Yearbook – which disclosed that the sought-after target market of younger audiences are the most avid cinemagoers, making up 47% of admissions in 2013 – it makes  a compelling argument for cinema advertising. Read More »

Content marketing – beyond the hype

contentwordcloudHype surrounding content marketing reached fever pitch in 2014. Heralded as the saviour of everything from digital display advertising to the 30 second spot, was there really any substance behind the content marketing spin?

If you talk to ten digital marketers, you’ll get ten different definitions of content marketing – we were all too busy relabeling whatever we did as content marketing to make much sense. But at its heart, content marketing is simple – it’s the use of publishing channels as opposed to advertising channels to achieve marketing goals. It’s about publishing YouTube content as opposed to advertising on YouTube; it’s about publishing apps, games and magazines as opposed to advertising in them. Read More »

M&A is when leadership matters most

For sale by thinkpanama FlickrTrade sales are back in the news with Karmarama’s acquisition of mobile app agency Nice: the latest example of a larger group buying a dynamic independent.

Some acquisitions are unquestionably great decisions: breathing new life into a failing agency, filling an important gap in a group’s portfolio or allowing a small business to grow faster internationally. But once the excitement of the sale is a distant memory, the deal often doesn’t turn out to be what everyone hoped for. Read More »

It’s a brave new media world – and we all live in it

YouTube starsLast weekend, Summer in the City, the largest independent UK YouTube event took place at Alexandra Palace in north London. The event attracted more than 8,000 attendees from across the world in a celebration of all things YouTube. It featured live performances and appearances from some of YouTube’s most well-known personalities including Zoella and Michael Stevens of Vsauce.

During the three-day event I sat on a panel with Tyler Oakley, an American YouTube sensation, to discuss the process of social media stars working with brands. The next day his YouTube channel passed five million subscribers. Just 24 hours later he had won the Choice Web Star at Fox’s Teen Choice Awards, a mainstream event previously the domain of celebrities from more film, TV and music media. #TeamInternet and #TylerOakley also began trending globally on Twitter.

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