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What marketers can learn from the Ashley Madison scandal

A group, calling themselves the Impact Team, has hacked the database of Ashley Madison, a dating site which specialises in arranging affairs for those in a relationship. The hackers have begun releasing details of members’ names and their sexual fantasies. An unfortunate man from Massachusetts, who joined the website the day after Valentine’s Day, was the first person to be unmasked.

Since the site has one million UK users there are likely to be about 20,000 marketers on their database. Noticed anyone in the office acting nervously?

The death of the challenger brand in the tablet market?

tabletIn 2010, Steve Jobs went on stage at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco to unveil what Apple hoped to be a revolutionary product that would disrupt the computing world. The shift was not as dramatic as planned.

Up until the iPad’s release the tablet market had consisted of niche products outside of the mass market. Needless to say, following the introduction of the iPad the competition in the tablet market increased further with manufacturers such as Samsung, Amazon, Google, Sony and Tesco creating their own devices.

To gain a better understanding of where the tablet market stands today, without the overpowering ‘noise’ that Apple creates, 51Degrees has pulled together data from more than three billion unique web sessions per month based on a variety of Android tablets, and their percentage of web traffic, on a global and individual country scale (Germany, UK, USA and India.)

Five most-read blog posts – July 2015

WEB_Wall_best_of_blogsIn this new monthly feature from The Wall team, we take a look back at the five most-read blog posts from the month. In July, headlines were a hot topic, along with ad blockers, and smartwatches.

1. The 1,072 words that will change how you write headlines forever 

Sharethrough Europe managing director Chris Quigley delved into the details of creating a great headline. He said it’s important for content creators, marketers and brand advertisers to know the right tricks for the right channels.

The Daily Poke: Beauty is skin deep

Beauty is skin deep 1Let’s face it, Mother Nature did a pretty good job when it came to packaging the banana. So when Tokyo-based designers Nendo were invited by Unifrutti to design packaging for a range of organic bananas, they stuck close to the original. Literally.

What the UK’s video diet really looks like

Connected TV will become an important part of the living roomI don’t need to diet. I’m one of those jammy gits that has the metabolic rate of a hummingbird. Hummingbirds have to flap their wings 50 times a second to do their trademark hovering and that needs energy to be processed pretty fast.

Because I don’t need to diet, I don’t have much interest in colleagues people banging on about their diets. 5:2, Atkins, Paleo, Dukan, Weightwatchers, Get the Glow….

But there is a diet I’ve discovered that I am very interested in.

Video is a hot topic in media. Everyone’s been talking about it. It’s no longer shackled by bandwidth limitations, for those with fibre or near enough to the exchange at least. As a result video now lives on our mobile apps, in our online news brands and entertainment sites and of course through the Broadcaster VOD services. But you know this. 

Digital campaigns to watch: Barclays, EE and Clinique

WEB_Barclays_YouTubeThe Holy Grail in content marketing is successfully aligning brand messaging with key editorial pillars of informing, educating, entertaining and inspiring, all without resorting to shameless product plugs. This month, we highlight how Barclays, EE and Clinique have successfully channeled those editorial pillars to produce campaigns that are already delighting audiences and positively shifting brand perception.

Barclays ‘Better off online’ – practical web tips

Barclays’ ‘Better off online’ YouTube channel embraces an ethos of creating content that solves a customer problem, and executes this extremely well. As well as the obvious tips on online banking, Barclays’ channel offers other money saving tips like how to get the best online discounts, how to find alternative telephone numbers to avoid premium rate costs, and where to find the cheapest flights.

Windows 10: Will Microsoft’s final OS reverse its fortunes?

windows 10 wall

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella has quite confidently said: “Windows 10 is a huge milestone for us as a company, and quite frankly the industry.”

You would expect this from the chief executive of what is still one of the globe’s largest and most influential tech companies, just maybe not as influential as they still perceive themselves to be or as threatening to the big A and G.

Facebook takes mobile success to new channels and flourishes

Facebookbuilding640Stephanie Carr, vice-president of Marin Software EMEA, delves into Facebook’s success with mobile and the growth of video.

Mobile continues to be a major area of growth for Facebook with a reported 1.31 billion users logging on via their mobile already this year.

The Daily Poke: Flight of fancy

Flight of fancy 1Keflavík International Airport is becoming a destination in its own right with the opening of Loksins – a new airport bar.

This stylish refuge for travellers coming and going was created in partnership with New York designers Karlssonwilker and Icelandic HAF Studios.

Facebook’s Q2 2015 financial results

facebookDonal Kane, head of product at Axonix – Telefonica’s mobile ad business – explains why Facebook’s anticipated Q2 earnings reveals the brand’s continued focus on driving revenues and growth around mobile engagement.

It’s evidently a lucrative approach. Its last set of results saw income from mobile advertising nudge nearly three quarters of its total revenue and research elsewhere shows that mobile ad spend is set to exceed $100bn worldwide by 2016.